Anniversary Ideas -- Can You Help??

msfingers2April 1, 2006

I've posted this already on the Marriage site, but I'm posting it here as a backup.

I'm planning a 25th Wedding Anniversary party -- er, picnic.

I want it to be simple, just a get-together with family and friends -- I don't know about you, but we just don't do enough of these things when there's large families involved.

Anyway, I'm not telling any of the guests that we'll be renewing our vows, I just want something I couldn't have at our original small wedding, which was my nieces and nephews present. Well, now they're old enough to have children of their own, so I'm planning this picnic and calling it a Job Fair Picnic for my recently-retired husband. So to gain access to the picnic, they have to bring a job application for him.

So far, that's all I've got -- really convoluted, I know, but any ideas you could give me I'd truly appreciate!!


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Wow, that sounds like quite a surprise for all the guests. They think they are going to a picnic, but it's also a wedding vow renewal. I usually don't like surprises, but this one sounds like fun.

Will it be this summer? In a park? What food do you plan?
If you have young children there, is any way to entertain them planned? Will there be someone there to help with the vow renewal, like a minister?

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My girlfriend got married in her backyard, and used a local bbq company. They came out and did everything- and it wasn't too expensive. Them cleaning it all up really made it worth it.

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Thanks for your comments, Socks. It will be in the summer in a local park. Our daughter works for the local park district, so we have some inside info on that. There's a couple of different parks to choose from, but the one I saw today has a water slide that I think would be nice for the kids. Also this park is near the area where our minister is so it will be easy for him to mosey on over.
And thanks to you too, Lisa, for your info about food. I think we can rent grills. I guess I just have to figure out if cooking ourselves is doable. But then your idea of having someone else do the work sounds VERY enticing!! And I had forgotten about the cleanup work!!
I'm getting excited -- but nervous only because of all the twists!!lol
Thanks for your great input!! I'll keep you posted!!

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