picture color separating in sony large sreen

rtmom2November 6, 2008

Help! We are starting to redo our kitchen, & also planned on replacing 2 old 19" screen tv's. My 6 yr old 42" HD Projection screen Sony is now on the fritz. Don't want to by a 3rd TV. This is the third time this has happened. !st time under warranty, 2nd a yr & a half ago, cost $400.

Not sure if to repair again or just replace it. This TV is in the main family room. The other TV's are my bedroom (I was planning to get a Samsung 32" 720 set) and basement - playroom / family room, the kids were getting Wii, and need a better tv to play on. I was going w/ a 46" Sony, v series). Plan to put in a complaint to Sony. Now not sure about getting another Sony product. Should I forget about the 32" to save money. Any suggestion on a good tv resonably priced.

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I'd definitely call Sony's customer service department. 1-800-222-SONY

Tell them the full story. Try to supply them with dates of purchase and repairs. Ask them to cover the full repair. Stay persistent, but nice.

They will probably open an "Event" and investigate your request. If you don't get satisfaction at first, nicely ask to speak to a supervisor. Then his supervisor, etc till you get satisfaction.

Tell them you are planning on buying another TV for your house and have been considering a Sony.

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I did as suggested adove and they did open an "event file". Was told I would hear from them in 2 days after my letter and info was received. I did not hear from them. I finally called and was told they would not cover the repair since it is past warrenty, but was told to call on Mon. (today is Fri.), and they may offer me a TV discountted. that is fine, but I know PC Richards is offering a great sale now & I don't think they will come anywhere as low as them. They told me to look over their website for styles #, and i saw there prices where much higher then the store. Will see what will happen next. By the way it has been 3 weeks without the large screen tv.

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Keep asking the next supervisor to cover the repair. But, if the won't keep asking for a better deal on the new TV.

Just stay calm and be nice. Persistent, but nice.

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