Are there any legal products for improving athletesâ performanc

iyaaskFebruary 5, 2009


I am an athlete and have been preparing myself for a competition - my specialty is the 400 metres. I am a little overweight, which causes me to become tired around the 250m mark and drop off the pace. Are there any products that can help increase my stamina - legally? Your guidance is needed.

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Being an athlete it is very important for you to be fit for the competition, though taking any kind of medication to improve performance is often illegal. However, I have heard about a product from a reputed company called Melaleuca, who have created an Access Bar that burns body fat - great for increasing stamina. It has been used successfully by an Australian marathon swimmer, Tammy Van Wisse, who broke the New York to New Jersey swimming record in 2006 ( The product will help you to improve your performance and it is also legal, holds numerous patents worldwide, and is available in countries such as Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific. More details here in my signature given below:

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