Fun Questions to ask at a Dinner Pary

kissthecookApril 27, 2007

My husband and I love to entertain, and our guests always tell us that we throw the best dinner parties around. I like to have some unexpected fun, and sometimes put slips of paper under guest's plate asking silly questions like: What's your favorite bumper sticker? ...or, If you could have picked your own name, what would it be?

I'm trying to come up with another version of that, and need some help. I'd like to come up with some phrases that guests have to work into the conversion. One example would be: My parents breed crocodiles.

You girls (and boys) all have such clever ideas that I'm hoping you'll help me come up with some really fun and interesting phrases that would spark a few laughs.

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When I was arrested.....
You know, I never liked you.......
When I painted the (fill in the blank) green...
Tomorrow I absolutely refuse to......
My aunt in Tanzania always says.......
Thursdays breakfast is always......
And that's a few.
Linda C

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I love to ask people, "What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?" It leads to such interesting stories.

I like yours about bumper stickers and names.

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Combine the name of your first pet with the street you grew up on. Tell what a person with that first and last name would have as an occupation. Usually it ends up sounding like a stripper's or Waffle House waitress name, like Fluffy Overton.

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Great ideas! I knew this would be the perfect group to ask. Thanks so much for all the answers. We're planning our next party, and will definitely use your suggestions.

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I cracked up at Linda C's so I had to add a few more;
.....,at least that's what I heard down at the factory.
.....I could never do those things when I was in the secret society.
When I was driving home from my water aerobics class...
I found out from my dog's daycare provider that they no longer____________
Today my next door neighbor told me that he really needs his _______back.

Hey! how do you plan to set this up? Will you tell all the guests about it before hand, tell them individually. Will someone have to catch them saying their line, or how will it work? I am going to have to try this too. It sounds hilarious! Let us know how it goes!

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Thanks for more great suggestions.

Here's how I do it: If I'm asking just simple questions like, "Choose a movie title for your life story," I ususally just place a slip of paper under the dinner plate or behind the place card holder (when I use little picture frames). Then I tell everyone to take a look at their slip of paper so they can think about their answer until dessert. Then everyone reads their question and gives their answer. However, when working with these phrases, everyone will have to look right away so they can try to work it in during dinner/dessert. Can't wait to use some of these fun suggestions. Should prove to be a hilarious dinner party.

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This is a little different, but it's the same idea. We like to do this over cocktails before the meal at dinner parties. Note that we try to have a group of 8-10 people who do not know each other well (or at all), mixing ages, marital status, careers, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. -- you'd be amazed at how different the conversation is from when it is a group of friends. (Both are good).

Anyway, this is a game I learned from college students who did it as an orientation ice-breaker. You may have heard of it: "Two truths and a lie." Everyone has to tell 3 things about him/herself, one of which is not true. Then everyone guesses which is the lie, and then on to the next person. Wow, what fun and fascinating conversations this leads to! People seem a bit weirded out at first that we are making them play a game, but they always get into it fast (it's not really a "game," anyway -- you don't keep score or anything).

By the way, a popular "truth" for kids coming from here in central Ohio is, "I used to work for Victoria's Secret." Limited Brands (including VS) is based here, and working on the phones at the VS catalog center is a popular part-time/summer job for students!

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