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aka_raeanneAugust 10, 2008


Happy Birthday Glitter Pictures

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Happy Birthday Marci! I had to post this early as I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. I apologize that I couldn't learn how to post an image without a link, but I did try. I just wanted you to know how special you are to everyone here and that you are appreciated all year long with making this place so festive every birthday and holiday. You were one of the first people here that I emailed personally to get to know and was astounded by so many similarities, years married, 2 kids, preschool teacher, pots of sauce simmering all day long and so on. I wish you all the best for not only a year but a lifetime filled with happiness, good health, and peace. Love you!

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Happy Birthday Marci! Wishing you a fun, happy day!

I've been MIA and will be until Monday next week - getting ready for my special guests and will not be home much. I have not seen my high school best friend in a good 25 years so I can't wait! Yakking on the phone seems like time has never passed. DH keeps saying - do you know how long you have been on the phone? Hey, our telephone plan we have is free long distance calls within Canada....so what's the problem?

At any rate, I am still maintaining my weight and looking to do so into the fall. My last 10 pounds will probably be next winters challenge which suits my pattern over the last 3 years.

I hope all of you are enjoying August. We are finally starting to see less rain and more sun!

All my best to everyone,

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Happy Birthday dear Marci!!

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and happiness ( in spite of the weather!) without a care in the world. You really do make us a cohesive group and I appreciate the effort that takes. Do stop in and let us know what fun things you did today!
Love, NH Suzanne

Thanks Raeanne for posting this and making Marci's day alot more special!!

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Great job, Raeanne!

Happy Birthday Dear Marci! You are one special Lady! I cannot remember how long you had been here when I got here but this thread would just not be the same without you. I have come to know & love you & I appreciate your warmth, kindness, understanding, & wisdom. One of these days we are going to meet face to face, whether it is in one of the TX airports or somewhere on the east coast, who knows where, but it will happen! Have a great day & I hope that it turns out 1/2 as special as you b/c I know it will be a great day then!! Patti--Blessed to call you "Friend"

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I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are such a special person and friend. Have a blessed day!

Milkdud, Can you send me your addy?

Life is busy as usual here. Erica starts 2nd grade on Thursday. I am SOOO not ready for this summer to be over.

Have a great day!


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Happy Birthday, gurrrrrrrrrrrrlfriend! Enjoy YOUR day!!!!!

You deserve a wonderfully fantastical birthday and I hope all your wishes come true.

I love the pictures, comical characters, and sentiments you take the time to post. After all these years, I still don't know how to post pics or photos!

You have given me insight to the teaching world: how my kids' sugar content, sleeping habits, and discipline at home affects the entire classroom. I also learned what teachers like and don't like as gifts!---lol!

You have inspired me in many ways, and although I don't have the will power to follow in your dieting footsteps, I still use you as one of my inspirations, and dream that someday, I can maintain a healthy weight and eating lifestyle like you!

You are a beautiful person and we are very, VERY lucky to have you as a friend. Please don't ever go away. We need you here. I need you here. You are sweet, responsible, and a compassionate child's advocate. The world smiled the day you were born.

Love you to pieces, BJ

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Good evening!

Marci, I hope your birthday has been a wonderfully special day for you! You are such a sweet, kind, encouraging friend who makes this board a better place just by posting here!

I could have sworn that my post from earlier today went through, but in checking on current posts, I realized that I somehow forgot to submit the final draft.

Jen, I did send you my address a few weeks ago when you requested it, but I used the email thing here, so I guess it didn't work. Email me at this address, and I'll get back to you ASAP: carwill77@hotmail.com

BJ, it's great to see you posting!

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Happy Birthday Marci!!! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with love surrounded by those who love you!


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Thanks to each of you for the wonderful birthday wishes! This really is a great group of women (and John) and I do treasure all of you.

Raeanne - It was so sweet of you to post a GIF for me. I was on the computer at 4/am this morning so yours was my first official birthday greeting.

It was a relatively quiet day. DH gave me a digital photo frame and we played around with that for awhile. Then I ran to the mall for some last minute items for my trip. I spent the rest of the day after DH left for work, organizing and making piles to pack tomorrow. I talked to the kids, my parents, my sister and 2 friends. So even though it was quiet, it was a nice birthday.
DD did tell me that the real celebration starts when I get to LA! We are eating out at BoneFish Grill the first night. I just love that restaurant.

Tomorrow I am going out for my birthday lunch with some girl friends. So if I don't get a chance to post again, behave while I am gone and stay out of the cookie jar!!!


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Marci, Marci, Marci! I did not forget your special day, just got busy with company. Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful day and you enjoy your girlfriend time today. Thank you for always making this thread special!!

Happy (belated) Birthday!!

Love, Besh

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Good Tuesday all,

Let's keep up the momentum for stopping into say hello!

GRETCHEN!!! So good to see you my friend. Don't tease me, take a minute to let us know what's new.

Marci, hope you are having a good birthday lunch with your girlfriends! Sounds like you are going to have a really extended birthday celebration! Yippee

Milkdud, I am glad you enjoyed the polenta recipe. It's such a great recipe to use summer's bounty in. Around here, we don't get native corn or tomatoes until August! It's a long wait but worth it.

The boat in Nantucket was so much fun. The weather was fabulous out there like a completely different world. The clouds were amazing I have never really seen clouds like that. We never had a drop or even a threat of rain either. I laid low and stayed on the boat most of the time. We went out in the tender Sat & Sun exploring the island by boat and chasing amazing clouds. The meals were fabulous and I had hot tubs (on the top deck) with my sisters in law on Friday and Saturday nights. Watched a movie in my room on Saturday night late.....oh it was divine. They had a hard time prying my fingers off the boat on Sunday afternoon! LOL
It was just a great change of scenery and I NEEDED a large dose of vitamin D.

Back to reality with continued rain and flood watches. Today there is a little sun.

I hope you all can check in.

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It is so nice to check in & be able to see so many posts.

Marci~Could it be your birthday every day please? LOL

I've been thinking about a QOD. Do you have any life lessons you have learned you are willing to share?

Answer to QOD: I'm learning from scrapbooking that: You don't always have to color "inside" the lines, you don't always have to put things perfectly straight, & everything doesn't have to be measured! This has helped someone who was raised on perfectionism.

NH Suzanne~It sounds like you had a marvelous time!

Besh~Didn't your kids move back to your state? I was trying to remember.

Marci~Enjoy your trip. Get home to us safely.

Calgret~Come back & let us know what'z up!

BJ~How are things in your "neck" of the woods?

Jen~Erica can't be old enough to start 2nd grade. It wasn't that long ago that you had her. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Peggy~How fun to spend time with someone from high school & how nice to have a friend for that length of time. I've not kept up with anyone for that length of time. (Well, not many people, anyway.)

Raeanne~You did a great job with the gif. I still don't know how to do it. I think I could several years back but don't know why I don't know how anymore. Doh! I hope things slow down a little for you. I tell my youngest DS that "all work & no play makes you a dull..."

Milkdud~I know that the days must fly by faster now that you are so much more involved in your community. It looks like the weather finally let up a little in Dallas. How is yours doing?

Wodka~Are you doing all right?

Hi to all I've missed. I know that there are some that haven't posted in a while. We do miss you but I'm not going to call your name...

Be Kind To Yourselves...Patti :-)

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Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been gone another long stretch. Things just seem to be happening this year that take me in another direction. Recently, just after I moved, one of my best friends (the one I exercised and belly danced with) died very suddenly. Heaps of guilt about not spending enough time during my move coupled with no exercise (since she passed, I can't go to "our" gym or to belly dancing), anyway, all that lead to me gaining 14 pounds in a very short time and getting pulled into the blahs big time.

Being that it was Marci's b-day ans she is such an inspiration, it was a great time for me to get back on track, so I started fresh yesterday, watching what I ate and taking a very long mile and a half walk with BABY V in the backpack, except that he is a toddler now and pretty heavy! I was bushed! Today, more of the same and I know I have toget healthy again FOR REAL.

Patti: My life lesson is to FAKE IT most of the time. Do things you're afraid to do and pretend to be brave. Be nice to people you don't want to be nice to. Go places for the sake of others...and all of that stuff. But then spend time on yourself---a few minutes every once in a while...peace and quiet or listen to a favorite song.

NHSuzanne! Nantucket! Yowsa. I love it there. Several years ago, when the comedy WINGS was on TV, I wanted to land at Tom Nevers, where the comedy supposedly took place. The airport is not called Tom Nevers Field, as it turns out, but it IS there and I did manage to fly cross country and get in a landing there. There have a section of the airport dedicated to the show, so I got my fix. Spent a few days on the island and have vowed to return and enjoy more of it. You're lucky! And you're trip sounds wonderfullly relaxing.

Well, my house is still on the market. We lowered the price after 30 days, but still no bites. If we don't sell it by December, we'll have to stop building the one on the rock. I guess we'll just keep lowing it every 30 days until it sells...

Missed all of you...now I better catch up on what's happened since I went off to ny friend's funeral and disconnected from the world...

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Am I too late for the party?

Happy Birthday to you.........
Happy Birthday to you.........
Happy Birthday, dear, generous, inspiration-to-us-all, you-are-the-best-gif-provider-ever, and a wonderful-parent-and-teacher-and-wife and daughter-in-law, Marrrrrrrccciiiiii
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

A million apologies for not getting here sooner. Life gets in the way of my best intentions, as I had planned to be on board early Monday morning.

Thank you, Marci, for all you do. You are the rock of this continuing thread and you are missed terribly when you are not around.

Hope your birthday was everything you wanted it to be.

Love you

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I just recalled a life lesson I got here...many years ago...I think it was from Besh:

"Don't ever put your bras in the dryer!"

...very practical...right, John?

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Hey, BJ, I might have learned that one here too! LOL

I woke up with a sore throat this a.m. so I'm just going to wish everyone a good day & leave it to you. Patti :-)

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Good morning! It's overcast again today which helps with temps so much.

We finally got our ductwork fixed in the attic, and the a/c is working much more efficiently in the front part of the house. YEA! Besides the fact that they'd used way too small ductwork, they'd also left in a shipping panel which was blocking all air escaping from the front unit. UGH!

Suzanne, your weekend sounds great! I've never been anywhere near that area, but it figures in so many mysteries I read that I feel like I know the place. LOL I'm glad you had such a relaxing time. You've certainly earned it!

BJ, welcome back, woman! I'm so sorry about you losing your friend. That must hurt. But, you know that your friend wouldn't want you wasting energy feeling guilty about things, but would want you to get up and get moving again. WHat a nice way to honor her memory!

Dee, life does have a way of getting in the way, but it's good that you checked in so we know you're alright. Wishing you speedy finishing-up so that you can get back here and play!

Jen finally received my email! Very cool that she and I are only a day apart in birthdays. Wish I also shared her young age. *sigh*

Patti, hope your sore throat is an early morning fluke, and that's all. I hate that feeling because I know what it usually leads to.

Life lessons I'm willing to share, huh? Well, there's one - do it now or toss it completely so that you don't have to live with unnecessary guilt. Once I started purging my craft closet of projects I thought I wanted to do, it freed me so much that I was able to give more attention to other things that ended up meaning more to me. I guess you could say that you have to figure out what your REAL priorities are.

I attended a meeting last night for a women's service organization called Epsilon Sigma Alpha. I had no idea what this was, but I was so impressed with all I heard last night about what even this small little chapter here in Crosby TX can do with a little effort. I do believe that I'd enjoy participating in this. They work all kinds of organized activities (golf tourneys, gala affairs, etc.) that raise funds for good causes like St. Jude's, a pediatric hospice in Texas, Miracle Network, and I can't remember what else right now. They also make cute "harvest dolls" and rent booths at different festivals and sell these dolls. I signed up to help cut out the clothes for them, and will buy treats for the 2 soldiers they're sponsoring from here who are stationed in Afghanistan.

This morning, I'm finally, finally getting to go to my first Red Hatters meeting here. One of my new church friends is very active in it, and will take me under her wing and introduce me to everyone. It also helps that we're just having lunch at a restaurant here, so it will be a very relaxed and casual setting. I've dusted off my little red baseball cap I made a couple of years ago when I joined in Carrollton.

BJ, have you buried a St. Joseph statue at your "for sale" house? I really do think it helped us with selling ours last summer. It took us 2 months, and we did have to drop the price twice, but it sold when nothing else was selling around us.

Marci, I need you to yell "NO" loud enough that I can hear it down here and lock it into my brain. I was doing so well on resisting temptations until I started babysitting Aubrie, and I can't get back that good MOJO!

Off to work out. I wrote a novel instead of getting up and going! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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BJ/Besh - thank you for those wise words to live by!

BJ - good hearing from you ((((((HUGS)))))) I am so sorry about your friend - that is a tough one. I will keep you in my positive thoughts. Has V adapted to his new surroundings? I love the "fake it" comment - I do that often and it does work - most people have no clue what a big old scaredy cat I am LOL.

Milkdud - We will not be able to keep track of you soon. You are always on the go.

Patti - hope you are feeling better.

Dee - it is never an official party until you sing. Thanks!
I hope things are settling down around you. I am thinking of you and your loss, plus all the digging up old memories with the house, etc. ((((HUGS))))

Suzanne - I am glad the weekend was so much fun for you. I wish you could do that more often - I wish I could join you too LOL. You definitely needed a little escape.

Wodka - always thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

Marci - I guess you are on your way to LA. I wanted to wish you a grand time, but I know you will have one just the same. I am sure your daughter will see to that.

Gret - that was a little tease - we need more. How are things in Chicago?

McPeg - I know you are busy preparing for your company, but wanted to say hello in case you are lurking. I know the two of you will have a lot of catching up to do.

Gotta get back to work, just wanted to check-in, since I had a little free time.

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Yes, yes...those were my words of wisdom..and sadly those are the only ones I can think of right now!

Patti, no, the kids aren't back yet..they are here for DIL grandmothers funeral. They have to sell their house first. I hope you are feeling better.

I like the faking it philosophy too. I think most seemingly confident people do the same thing.

Got to fly...hello to all.


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Marci - happy belated birthday!!!!

I hope it was the best one yet!!

Enjoy LA!

Ill be back later....


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BJ, I vote for burying the statue of St. Joseph. All my Italian relatives swear by it! Good luck, sweetie. [[[[[[BJ]]]]]]

Great to see our little Gretchen here! Don't be a stranger.

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Hi Guys!

I went to the little county fair here. It is very nice and has one of every kind of entry in the food category! And the photo entries went on and on and on... I really did well on food: some vegetarian sushi and 2 ice teas. That was it. They didn't have any raspberry scones, so I was SAFE!

Have to say RIP Julia Child, who passed away a few years ago on this date. It is pretty amazing that in the news today, they said she may have been a CIA spy! Wow! I have been watching her old TV show--I picked it up from the library here--what a hoot! LIVE TV and she is really pretty funny and very entertaining in this DVD series. A couple of episodes are CLASSIC! NHSuzanne, I know you're a big fan of hers and I wonder, have you seen the DVD set with her biography and cooking shows on it? I am enjoying it.

We have no TV here (can you believe it?---NO TV!!!) so I am getting shows from the library and using my NetFlix account to the full advantage. We watch something in the evening and head to bed.

I am going for the St. Joseph statue afterall. I just have to figure out where to get one---IDEAS, please.

Milkdud, you are one BUSY chick! Love to hear about your clubs and fun stuff!

I just learned that my nephew is joining the Navy. It'll be good for him. I suppose care packages are in his future.

Well, that's it for me! Cheers!

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Good Thursday all,

BJ, did you notice what time your post came through? 00:00 that must mean something neat!

I am a huge fan of my beloved Julia's and yes, RIP to her. I read both of her biographies and she talks in both of them about being in the OSS. In fact, that is where she met her beloved Paul. Quite about it was written in her books and if I recall, Paul was thought to be a communist at one point. In her book, My Life in France, there is quite a bit of political commentary. It's great reading. I should probably invest in that DVD series as my old VHS recordings are pretty much impossible to view. I recorded all of her shows many years ago. I love to watch her and never tire of her.

As the weather improves so does my mood! We are almost through this 8 week rainy and stormy pattern. Just a couple of days to go. I hope the weather man is right on this!!

I think you are supposed to bury the statue upside down in your back yard. Folks in Massachusetts swear by it too. I think it's an Italian and Irish thing. Hey, what do you have to lose?

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BJ - I just said to Rich the other day that we should buy a case of the statues. We have some very stale inventory and in all honesty, the houses are priced right and they should've sold by now. We actually sold our house using one 17 years ago. We had it with a realtor for 6 months - a lot of activity - no offers. When it expired we buried a statue put our own sign out in front and a neighbor bought the house - she said she never knew it was for sale - although we had a sign there by the realtor for 6 months. You do put them upside down. You can find them on line. They come as a kit now with instructions and a prayer LOL. I bought mine at a religious store back in the day.

I love Julia Child too and I have her biography in my "to read" pile. It did not surprise me at all about her being a spy - I thought there was talk of that in the past, but maybe I am wrong. She was an amazing woman.

Gotta run. I am rearranging DD#1 bedroom to use as an art studio - her suggestion.

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We sold our house with St. Joseph too. I think that Milkdud is the one that suggested it to us. I had never heard of it before that. We bought it at a Catholic Church that had a store in it. I'm not sure what they call it. Anyway, I know I've seen them since. There is a certain corner in your yard that you are supposed to bury him in. And, yes, we buried him upside down.

That is funny about Julia Child. I just saw her on PBS today & they were talking about that exact thing. I didn't know or hear though that it was today that she passed.

BJ~[[[ H U G G L E S ]]]

Wodka~[[[ H U G S ]]]

xoxo to all that need them!

I am feeling better today. I'm needlepointing ornaments for the grandkids for Christmas. I've just about got the 1st one finished. I stayed in bed yesterday but couldn't just be still all day long. So, that was my "be still" activity. LOL Have a great day! Patti :-)

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Afternoon, ladies! It's back to hot (92 d. so far - feels like 100 d.!!!) and sunny again today.

BJ, here's what I did. I bought my St. Joseph kit at a Catholic bookstore, brought it home, placed St. Joseph in a Mason jar - upside down (with his feet toward heaven), buried him in the north corner of my yard near the house, then said the accompanying prayer as I covered up the jar with dirt. i said the prayer daily until the house sold, then when we moved here, I gave him a place of honor on the alcove shelf leading into our living room. I like to believe that he helped us sell our house.

Patti, glad you're feeling well enough to needlepoint. I need to finish a couple of projects and finish some Christmas cross-stitch I've made in the last few years to donate to the church's Harvest Moon festival in September. I love doing the work, but I kept waiting to see where the finished product would eventually go! LOL

Raeanne, watch your mail next week because I'm sending something to you!

Donna, it's always so good to see you posting. Keep it up!

Wodka, you're thought of daily.

I had so much fun at the Red Hatters lunch yesterday! What a nice group of women. I sat by a lady who's going to be 93 on her next birthday. She works out 5 days a week, first walking for 45 mins. at the community center, then attending their aerobics class! She also still drives! She volunteered that she goes in every year near her birthday to be retested because she doesn't want to drive once her vision or reflexes diminish. There must be something in the water here to keep these women so young and active!

Knock on wood, our house is so nice and evenly cool now. The sheetrock guy is supposed to come out today to replace the ceiling in the hall closet where the a/c guy stepped through. So far, he's a no-show though. I hope he comes by tomorrow because hubby wants to be around to inspect the work.

I think that I'm finally getting back into a good-eating groove. It's so darned hard once you lose that momentum. At least now I know that I'm not able to resist temptation, so it's good that my cupboards are bare of trigger foods!

Wishing you all a great Thursday and remmeber that it's almost Friday!!!

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Hi, everyone.

milkdud, I've heard about planting St. Joseph in the yard, but not the part of putting him in a mason jar!! Poor guy. But at least he ended up in a place of honor! just teasing you, of course!

Thank you all for your concern and prayers for our family. I talk to my sister almost every day. Yesterday she was really feeling good, said that her oncologist thought she looked so much better this week. No false hope was given, but still, if the treatment does nothing else but ease her pain, it's a good thing.

Patti, glad you are feeling better. Summer colds and sinus problems are the worst.

Peg, hope you are having fun with your old friend. Can't wait to hear about it.

Raeanne - take pics of your soon to be art studio. How nice! I love your artwork.

I will write more when I have something more interesting to talk about. Just wanted to thank you all for your continued thoughtfulness and prayers. Without a doubt, they are helping us all get through this journey.

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Wodka - Glad to hear that your sister had a good day yesterday. I do think of the both of you often. It is good that you get to talk to her as much as you do. Thanks for your compliments on my art.

I don't want to mislead anyone. I am keeping the room as a bedroom, just sharing space so I can paint. I used to paint at the top of my staircase because of great lighting and it was roomy enough for my easel and supplies. The problems is that has become a real eyesore and it can be seen from the first floor. DD suggested I move into her old room. I have an entire closet to store stuff and the lighting is similar. So that is my art studio. If we ever build a separate garage, there will be an art studio attached.

Milkdud - I will let you know when I get your mail :0)

Patti - happy to hear you are feeling better. Your grandkids are so lucky to have so many special handmade treasures from you.

It is such a pretty day here, a nice change from all the rain we have had. When DH get's home we are taking a ride up to the north end of the lake and have an early dinner.

Enjoy your day.

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Good Friday all,

My day started with a doe and her still spotted twins visiting in the pasture before I went down to feed. What made me notice is that I looked out from the house when I got up and every equine head was gazing out towards the back of the pasture. I knew there was something out there and there they were! Oh what a sight to see a healthy doe and two healthy babies doing so well after such a horrific winter with snow still on the ground until almost the end of April! The good Lord certainly engineered them to survive and what a gift for me to see.

No matter what happens from here on in today it's going to be a great one.

QOD: What is everyone up to this weekend?

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Suzanne - I had a doe and fawn visit my yard nearly every day until my neighbor had his pond dug up and the construction equipment scared them off. It is truly a gift. Unfortunately right now I am dealing with 2 kestrels in my yard that are after the birds at my feeder and come to think of it I haven't seen a chipmunk in weeks. They make so much noise, I am amazed they catch anything, they are beautiful though. Such is the circle of life.

Milkdud - I want to be just like that 93 year old lady when I grow up - WOW she is a true inspiration.

A lot of St. Joseph believers around here, all with good results.

BJ - if you didn't find a statue yet, wait I will mail you one. I ordered a dozen of them yesterday. They were a lot cheaper than when I bought mine from a religious store - I hope they have the same outcome LOL. I read that you shouldn't bury the one with St. Joseph holding a baby - I was relieved to read that LOL.

QOD - I have a meeting after work and then tonight DH and I are going for a quiet dinner. We never got to go yesterday - it is funny how quickly plans can change. That is why I always say it is a plan not a promise. Tomorrow, nothing is planned yet. Sunday I have another art show and then dinner plans with friends. Of course I have the usual laundry, cleaning, exercising and work going on as well.

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Raeanne, I cannot believe you mentioned Kestrels!! There were two outside the barn making a huge racket! I ignored them until they moved the party to nearer the chicken coop so I had to put the girls in the protected part of the coop for the day. They have a little less room but at least they will be safe! They are truly beautiful. They seem to be quite active right now as one landed on our deck outside of my office after a bird in the feeder! He missed and stayed for a couple of minutes before going. Also at work this morning, I saw one of the two grey fox kits down by the river. What a glorious little thicket we have here right in downtown Peterborough. No one knows all the animals back there!

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I was just on another forum and someone had photos of their backyard, with beautiful deer grazing. Like I told her, they are one of God's most beautiful creations.

QOD - Our builder wants to submit our home for a homebuilder's association competition, and the photographer is coming tomorrow. So, instead of sitting here, I should be doing some final cleaning up. I hope my decorating doesn't take away from his design. Yesterday I spent outside pulling weeds, deadheading flowers. Today is inside, which is not nearly as fun.

It's no big deal, but we're excited about getting a copy of the shots.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Well, shall I spoil everyone's image of Bambi-like nature by stating that I killed a huge black bee in my living room last evening? It was about a 10-pounder (in my mind!) Where did it come from? Don't know, but I just about ruined the hardwood floor and my curtains with hornet spray. Not sure that's an example of The Circle of Life, right Raeanne? LOL!!!

QOD: I have an appointment to get my roots done and split ends cut this afternoon. I cannot believe how long it's been since I paid attention to my hair....late June? Awful, awful, but I was doing what had to be done with my weekends.

Tomorrow evening, we go to our first preseason JETS game. We gave away 2 of our tickets, so it's just DH and me. I'll pack a picnic and we'll leave about 3:30 or 4pm for the 7pm game. They are expecting a sellout because of Brett Farve.

Sunday is free, except for laundry, shredding of old files, finishing a few things in our bathroom, maybe beginning the big dig for our backyard pond/fountain. We shall see.

Hello to everyone, and my best wishes for a peaceful and happy weekend!


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Hi Guys!

This is my last tranmission until Monday night, as I am going off the rock to take DD#2 to college in the farmlands next to Idaho, on the edge of Washington---in the Palouse. Anybody heard of the Palouse????

Oh DEER! I have a mama deer and her babies eating outside my kitchen window almost every day now. I open the window when I'm doing dishes and throw veggie peels and an occasional carrot to them. I know I shouldn't but I think the guy who lived here before fed them,so I feel like it's okay. Sort of a dumb way to justify it. Anyway, they're cute.

Dee! Ha! There are SO many bugs here! Flies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets, you name it. I have an electric bug zapper that looks like a tennis racket that I use on them if they threaten me.

I am going to look fr the St. Joseph on the mainland. Wish me luck.

Well, I better get my truck loaded. I won't see DD#2 until Thankgiving time after I unload her stuff on Suncday. I'm moving DD#1 in the middle of September. It's good to see them growing up.

See you all on Monday night!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Poulouse!

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Dee~LOL You gave me quite a laugh. I could just picture you swatting that poor bee. Don't you know that they are disappearing? LOL We need them to pollenate. tee hee

OK...Suzanne, Raeanne, I don't know what Kestrels are. I don't consider myself "city" but haven't ever heard of those. Do they have them in TX or FL? I've lived close country all of my life. Do tell. :-)

BJ~Hope you have a great weekend.

Wodka~That is pretty exciting. Are you planning on sharing pictures?

Milkdud~I've finished 2 of the ornaments & have 2 to go. Then I need to do poor Aubrey's birth sampler that DS asked me to do. I didn't feel well enough to do it before so now I'm going to get on that. ;-) If I get caught up 'nuf perhaps I can do something to help your group out?

QOD: Our friends took us out to eat tonight & we just got home from playing ChickenFoot. It was funny that everyone was talking about deer b/c Dave had seen some outside for a few nights before tonight & I looked when we came home. There weren't any out when we got home. :-( I haven't seen any in a while. I rarely get out that late. Not certain about the rest of the weekend but football is in the cards. And, probably more needlepoint.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Patti ;-]

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OH, BJ~Thanks for the link. That was really a pretty place. I'd like to try to paint that...I'm thinking anyway.

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Patti a Kestrel is a bird of prey and belongs to the Perigrine family. They are smaller than average birds of prey and are quite colorful. See link below.

Jan good luck with your photo session!

I am off for a ride!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kestrel

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Good morning!

nhsuzanne, thanks! I'm slamming back some coffee before I do one last check before the photographer shows up.
Thanks for the info on the Kestrels. What a beautiful bird. I don't guess we have them down here, I've never heard of or seen one.

I did not talk to my ill sister yesterday, but my other sister called and said that she had had a bad night - very, very anxious and restless. She has a sore spot on her back because she has lost so much weight and it has become irritated. So, some sort of seat cushion is on the shopping list for the weekend.

I used to be critical of people who said they would rather not know if they had cancer, but I'm seriously beginning to understand why they feel that way.

Patti - is Chickenfoot the same as Hand and Foot? My mom and my cousin both are addicted to Hand and Foot - say it's more fun than you could imagine. I am the worst person to play cards with - when we were newlyweds, we would play with other couples. My husband is very competitive, and I was there for the social part - eating the appetizers, drinking the wine, catching up on gossip. To this day, and we'll be married 37 years on the 20th, we do not play any games as partners. It's probably a miracle we're still married?!

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BJ - Rich is our official bug hunter in the house. The girls bought him that tennis racket bug zapper for his birthday one year and I think it is one of his favorite gifts LOL. I never heard of Palouse thanks for the link, have fun. If you don't get a statue let me know and I will send you one when mine arrive.

Wodka - I hope today finds your sister feeling better. I know it is hard to hear things when you are not close by - makes you feel quite helpless. I hope the photo shoot goes well. Chadwicks used our house twice for the clothing catalogs. I had copies of all the catalogs with our house in it and I made copies for the new owners to have, but I left it in the trunk and DH thought it was garbage and threw them out.

Patti - My family still plays Chickenfoot at Christmas time thanks to you telling me about the game. I think having grandkids has really agreed with you and has been good medicine.

Suzanne - I have woken to the racket of the kestrels every morning this week. Thanks for posting the link.

Dee - I knew all this talk about wildlife would get you to post one of your experiences with nature ROFLMAO! 10 POUNDER

It is finally a beautiful day, unfortunately I am at work all day.

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Wodka~Chickenfoot is played with dominoes. You use the ones that have double nines. You don't have to count points until the end of the game & that makes it fun! LOL Hope that things went well for you today.

Raeanne~I think having grandkids has agreed with me too. ;-) But, I'm glad I didn't have them any sooner. Dave always says, "If I'd have known that they were this fun...I'd have had grandkids sooner!" I'm sure you've heard it before.

Dee~I hope you know I was busting on you big time. I wouldn't want you to get stung.

NH Suzanne~Thanks for the link. I know that we have hawks...we see them all of the time. I'll have to ask Dave if he's ever heard of Kestrels.

Wodka~I'm going to email you. I need to get Dave to download something for me first though.

McPegster~Hope you are having a good time with your DF!!

Hi to all that I have missed. Pray that Faye misses us! We are definitely not prepared tho I don't think that she will be bad...any storm is bad enough. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Patti :-)

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Good evening all,

I had a most marvelous morning starting with an early morning ride. NO BUGS which is hard to imagine. I came home to do chores which was mowing the lawn. This a total psych for me ( just do it,etc) I was fine until I got down to the barn and hit a yellow jacket nest and got stung about six times in the ankle of my right foot. But NOW I AM GOING TO WAGE WAR. If I don't check in for a while you will know that that the yellow jackets won! LOL! They are totally vicious. Don't worry, I will prevail.

Dee! LOL some day I am going to make you camp with me! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL...

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Good Sunday,

Oh happy day! The weather is absolutely divine today. What an absolute gift!

I waged war on those yellow jackets and by all accounts I was successful ( famous last words) at least I was able to finish weed whacking!

I had a glorious ride with NO BUGS this morning! I rode Casey and she was feeling might frisky. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to ride without being gnawed on by bugs. We met so many people out walking in the woods today.......everyone is so happy because the weather is so nice. It's nice to see everyone with a smile rather than a scowl on their faces!

Raeanne, I don't ever remember the Kestrels being so loquacious it's almost like they are making mating noises like the Barred Owls do in the spring. It's interesting that we are both hearing them. It's our kindred spirit connection speaking through them.

Today is my friend Linda's birthday so another friend and I are going over to see her at the house she is building. I am bringing fresh local corn, some tomatoes from my own garden and some hot fudge sauce that I just made which she loves.

Who knew that a nice day could be so wonderful! I seem to have forgotten! LOL

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Good Sunday afternoon!

Suzanne, your post made me smile because you sound so incredibly happy and content! Glad you won the battle with the bugs.

Patti, I've never heard of chickenfoot before. I learn something new daily! Thanks for your nice offer to help make things for the church bazaar. I think they've probably got more than enough offerings even without my meager efforts though. I won't be here the day of the event, but I did bring home a sign for the yard today and will get my crafts up there beforehand.

Yesterday, after working out, hubby and I drove up the road about 8 miles to another Methodist church that was having a catfish fry and live and silent auctions. The food was incredibly delish, and the auction items were good. We brought home a beautiful SS Red Hat necklace, a pampering basket full of goodies from a local spa (30-min. massage GC included!), a GC for a mani- and pedicure, and a GC for a Subway party tray which we'll use either at Thanksgiving or Christmas. I hope I can check out what my church will have in the auction so I can coach hubby on what to bid on! LOL

Later this afternoon, we're both going to the church ice cream social. Hubby can't resist the lure of ice cream, so he wants to go. I hope he likes the people he gets to meet, too!

Thinking of y'all even when I don't get here to post. (((((Hugs)))))) to everyone just because..........!

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Happy Sunday!

We spent the day running errands and going through about 2 weeks of mail that was stacked on the kitchen table. DH has a problem weeding through things on a daily basis. I'm the opposite---will throw out anything and everything!

Now we are off to drop off some smoke and co alarms at my childhood home (in preparation for a pre-sale inspection on the 27th), and then we will pick up MIL (who lives in the same city) to bring her to an early dinner. She has not decided where she wants to eat. Only about 1,000 possibilities!

Yesterday afternoon, when we were driving through our old city to get to the JETS game, the NYC skyline was so beautiful. I often forget how wonderful it is, as I no longer see it every day. The weather was incredible, and we had such a great time with our picnic and enjoying the game in 70-degree weather.

Hope you are all well.

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