noexcusesthistimeJanuary 14, 2002

I have 25 pounds to lose, probably more. Took a few boxing classes a year ago but at $10 a class it was too expensive. Loved it b/c the results were quick and great for stress and self defense. I just got a heavy bag and gloves, looking for other boxers out there...???

Also reccomendations for boxing videos. thanks!!

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hi there,

my dh boxes and after having my 2yo dd i decided to take up tae-bo. i loved the results and within 6 months i lost 20lbs and i was very toned and had a great stomach. the viedeos are a little pricey so i would only buy one about once every couple of months. i would recomend this to anyone. you can order videos on the web site. hope this helps

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