Please Help , a diet problem

hummersteveJanuary 23, 2008

OK about three weeks ago I started a diet regimen of walking 3mi a day. I cut out all junk food and eat mainly fish or tuna , baked potato , salad or beans. I thought everything was going along fine and losing weight, then trouble happened. I developed an enormous amount of gas and my bowels seemed to almost stop. I dont know what has caused this but IM miserable. I have imodium advanced which I have been taking for the gas, doesnt seem to be helping that much. I also have been eating apples and oranges, but I must admit I have been benging on sugar free jello snackpaks. Could these have caused my discomfort. Truly at a loss, HELP!!

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Any drastic diet change should be done gradually to allow your 'enzymes' to adjust. I think you over did your diet change. I wouldn't take any OTC stuf. Eat lots of fiber drink lots of water and your bowels will be happy.

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The immodium can cause constipation. The beans can cause gas.
Salena's recommendations make sense. Good luck.

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I agree the immodium is probably causing the constipation. Eat plenty of fiber. Also watch out with potatoes because they are also constipating. Go with brown rice, whole grain pasta and bread. They are more filling than the white variety and cause a less pronounced spike in your blood sugar level.

You're right to drink lots of water and walk a lot.

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I for one do not believe in diets. You can loose weight by eating a well balanced diet. Set a smaller plate on the table. Just simply cut down on what you eat and continue the walking. You know to avoid fried foods and things with lots of sugar. Especially soft drinks, they are loaded with sugar. Figure how many calories you need to loose and stick to it. Treat yourself once a week to something you really like, for instance 1 scoop of ice cream. Try it, you truly don't have to starve to loose weight, the longer you take to get the weight off, the more chance you have to keep it off.

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I'm a little concerned that you may be taking in too much mercury

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Hey there, yea losing weights hard, having a cup of hot cocoa is a good appetite suppressant i have found, I found this site at ,I tried eating foods that were alkalizing, I can't believe it, Ive actually lost 6 kg in the last 3 weeks after trying so many different diets that didn't work, maybe its just a shock from the change in my normal diet? I have been trying to eat more antioxidant foods too after learning about them on the website, What do you think? can I keep the weight off?

Here is a link that might be useful: Balance body PH

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