Do you exercise your hippocampus?

fangdangleJanuary 15, 2002

Hippocampus...... this is the part of your brain that plays a critical part in your memory.

do word games, puzzles,practice numbers and repeat things that you want to retain.

Antioxidants are crucial to protecting your brain cells.

Vitamin E and And foods with high levels of omega 3 (salmon)are excellent for keeping the brain in good working condition. Our body does not produce these fatty acids so that is why I like to replace them into my system.

Keep your memory bank healthy and stimulated.


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Funny you should bring this up Elizabeth....My Grandfather who lived into his 90's always did crossword puzzles. Now I see my parents doing crosswords, jumbles, and any other word games they can find. Right now I just don't have the time or parience for these things but I will probably end up following in my parents footsteps. Just not ready yet....

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That's why I'm having so many senior moments--got to get with those puzzles! KathyO

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Hi Kathyo , Yes the puzzles are a good start. I am reading the book Brain Fitness/////amazing ways to exercise and feed our brains to stay as fit as may be.Also has ways on how to de-stress the mind and control mood swings.
Making it stick is another one that has been on the market for awhile(techniques for developing a near-perfect memory)I have one other one I will post later equally as good but my memory stems aren't working at the moment to tell me where I left it LOL.............

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Hello to healthy brains....I found the other book and this is the title The Memory Cure.Might be able to find at your local library........Elizabeth

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I'll have to look+see if I can't find them Elizabeth--I have really let myself go to pot lately. Use to enjoy taking college courses but haven't in a few Just have to get back on track, before I forget how too! Kathy

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I do crossword puzzles everyday, and on the weekend I do the large New York Times puzzle. It takes some thinking but I can usually figure it out! Scrabble is my game. I love to come up with obscure and archaic words that my friends don't know!

My mother had a great mind, very intelligent and was great at math and doing puzzles, word searches, etc. No matter how much she used her brain she still got Alzheimers. Once in a while she would blurt out a number while we were watching television. It took me a while to figure out she was adding up the telephone numbers that were on commercials. She added these numbers up so fast that she beat me. I think she was testing her brain because she must have realized something was not right. Poor mom, it is so sad.

I find myself testing my brain and try to remember things I thought were long forgotten. So far so good.


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Hi Anne,can feel your pain with your dear Mother. Very sad disease.Our community just raised 17,000 for the Alzheimers
Society.Most people are just learning the challenges of this disease and it can be so hard on the care givers.

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One way I exercise my brain, and body, is by dancing. I read that studies showed that was the best exercise for mental stimulation. Crossword puzzles, balancing the bank book without a calculator, and other things were mentioned, too. I'm talking about swing and other kinds of ballroom dancing, but in a couple of years when I'm 60 and can take college classes for free, I'm planning to try jazz and other kinds, too.
Good thread, fangdangle.

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I do crossword puzzles and other word games, and have always called them my brain exercises. But they're not helping!!! I need something right away to help with my memory. It's getting so bad! Maybe I need that book, The Memory Cure.

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Ann, my sympathy on your mother's condition. My husband got it, too. He had a great mindÂearned a doctorate from YaleÂand was always doing computer programming and other challenging activities. But it happened anyway.

Funny thing about Scrabble...I love the game and play often, but I rarely win. I know what the problem is. Well, there are two problems, actually. One is my lack of competitiveness. The other is that while I make my living with words and am usually good at word games, once the letters are scrambled I'm lost! When faced with anagrams, my mind goes into a strange little shift, and I might as well be trying to split the atom. Then I have to go watch Wheel of Fortune to restore my confidence. :-)


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Im glad you said where it was I didnt even know i had one ha

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cube1067 first thought was "I dunno. Send it to hippo camp?"

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