Diet Pals - McPeg is Back (aka quiltingbunny)

mcpegAugust 12, 2005

Hi everyone,

It has been a long, long time since posting here. I have justed returned home to Canada after a long stay in Scotland. With the last 4 months of getting ready to move, living in kaos, entertaining with friends and saying good bye - my waistline has exploded. My choice. Now I am back to my weight watchers program and having to shed 40 pounds.

I am starting at 167 pounds, size 14/16. My goal has always been that notorious 130 pounds. If I can succeed at getting to a size 12/14 and hold on to it for 6 months - I would be extremely happy.

I hope everyone is doing well. Now that I am back online again, I look forward to posting regularily.

Ta ta for now,


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Good Morning!
I have my book out and calculator today. Starting fresh.
My calculator is UK based - does anyone know the point value for 1 cup of 2% and 1% milk?
It's cooling down to 26 degrees today - a good day to get out for a walk. I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying some fresh air today.

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McPeg---good luck on getting back into WW. I am still hanging in there. Need to get back to Journaling on a regular basis--helps me.

2% milk is 3 points, fat free and 1% are 2 points per cup.

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Hi Susy,
Many thanks for the update. I agree that journaling helps a lot. Posting on the forum helps me a lot to stay on course. I see you are also a quilter - so am I. I do a mix of machine piecing and hand quilting. Keeping my hands busy keeps my mouth out of the fridge!
How is your week shaping up?

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Didn't win the lotto last night. But I am winning at sticking with my goals this week. Loaded up on the lovely fresh veggies now available and really enjoying them.
How is your day going?

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Hi McPeg. You sticking around this time? Well I have fallen badly too. I had a change of BP meds and sat for a month and was sad and cried (definitely not the usual me!) and ate and put on weight. I kept waiting for the side effects to go away but they did not. Uck! I called and am on new meds but the weight wants to stay and many vacation days are not helping. Heading to the doc next month so I need to get busy. I'll join you for awhile. I have salad waiting too and bought some green beans someone grew and picked for 50 cents a bag at a yard sale - I was "doing" 6 big bags of green beans for hours yesterday. Shouldn't need to buy more for a long time. Oh one more thing I have Discovery Health channel now and there is a show about people who have lost a pile of weight. It's called Losing It and is on right before lunch here - great timing! Just curious did you see the movie - Supersize Me? Well worth watching. Kathy

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