Diet candy in the 70's?

kathy_January 5, 2002

Someone on the diet forum remembered the boxes of chocolate candy that you would drink with a cup of tea each time you chewed one. Now I am going crazy thinking of the name of the stuff. Anybody know??

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Oh gee Kathy, I remember the stuff but can't think of the name came in flavours like chocolate, butterscotch.

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Those great candies which actually helped me back in the '60s to curb my appetite were called Ayds diet candy. If this rings a bell with anyone does anyone know why they are history? I could sure use them now.....

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Hi I think that is it - recieved a note from a non-member and she said Ayds too. Thanks all - now I can sleep at night - lol! Kathy/Lila Bulge of Hobbiton

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they were ok if you didn't eat the whole box at one time.

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I think their name "AYDS" did them in when AIDS came along in the '80s but I may be wrong on that.

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They were called Ayds. I remember saving my allowance & buying a box of them!

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Does anyone know if they still sell the Ayds? They really did work. They also had a liquid that you put into a hot beverage.

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The Ayds Reducing Plan as it was called was taken off the market at the advent of the killer disease. Since Aids causes you to lose massive amounts of weight it really wasn't appropriate for a diet plan to have the same sounding name.

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I ate them a bit in the 70's. They didn't work for me. I ate them like candy. I liked the caramels. I liked them, although they had a sorta strange taste. But if anything, I put on weight because I ate them like a box of candies. Then I thought, well, heck, I can eat REAL candy instead of this stuff, if I'm going to gain weight, anyway!

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I am not sure that I am remembering correctly, but I think they were analized by the FDA and found to be just sugar and flavoring. Any weight loss came from their other suggestions - like the hot, calorie free beverage.

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