Snack suggestions?

rivkadrAugust 24, 2006

Can anyone give suggestions on low-calorie snacks? Veggies are an option, obviously, but I'm looking for something that requires a lot of chewing or work to eat it. Sometimes I'm not really all that hungry, but just want something to chew on, you know? I've been thinking seeds of some sort, maybe, but am not sure if that's a good idea...

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I like the 100 calorie packs of just about anything. My favorite are the oreos and the wheat thins. They are all measured for you so you don't have to worry about over doing it. I also LOVE Columbo Orange Creme No Fat yogurt. A real treat and you can make it last!


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If I really feel like chewing I have 94% fat free Kettle Corn and try to eat it a kernal at a time.

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Rice cakes. Dry cereal like Cheerios.

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