Curves or Calif Fitness Center?

macgrannyJanuary 2, 2006

Am trying to decide between Curves & California Fitness Center...I am 63 years old...What are your opinions & thoughts? Thank You Much

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I am not familiar with the Calif. Fitness Center but did join Curves late this summer. I wound up with bursitis of the hips and groin (diagnosed by an orthopidic doctor). I can't say if it had anything to do with Curves but when I couldn't go for several weeks and I ask them if they could extend my membership, the answer was no because I was ONE day short of not being there a month. It took three weeks to get in to see the doctor and then the doc said to try it again and do what I can. I did try and was in severe pain after the shortened workout and only doing a few of the excercises. So now I have to go back to the doc and get a doctor's note so I can cancel my membership. If they would have treated me better I might have gone back after my bursitis was gone. In my opinion, they don't care about you just your money. Angie

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You don't need a doctor's note to cancel your Curves Membership. All you have to do is put it in writing.

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