WW's Support Monday 8/28~~Sunday 9/3

lunchlady1948August 27, 2006

Be Attractive While You Are Active~~~This is from a Jantzen swimwear ad dated 1938

I am posting today for Monday since it is the first day of school and I may not get time. I have my lunches packed for the next two days:) I am going to try and take in 2 days at a time so I have no excuse. I have been veggin so much since my vacations were over that just moving at work will be good for me. This heat just takes all of my energy:(

Hope you two had fun weekends?? I did nothing and that is fun to me~~~

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Hi there,
I hope nobody minds if I join this thread.
I started back on WW on 8/21. I have had success with WW a couple years ago, and am focusing on losing the rest of my excess weight (30 lbs).
I was very thrilled with my weigh in last night of -2.2, and finally decided to try the new gym we joined, even though I felt a little intimidated. Walked 2 miles. I ended up loving the place.
I have taken up walking the last couple months, I usually walk 2-4 mi. around my neighborhood. The problem being when the weather is bad I have to have another option.
Anyway, I hope everyone has an awesome week,

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Welcome Perkladd~~do you go to meetings or do it online???
I lost 22lbs on weight watchers and became a Lifetime member last month~~~but with vacationing and all I gained a few back:( I will be going for my monthly weigh in tomorrow night, I have my fingers crossed not sure what they do to you if you are over your goal~~I think I am just at my goal or maybe a pound over. I think you can be 2 pounds over and be OK. We shall see

I did track all of my food yesterday :) I am doing Flex for a couple of weeks to get back on track then will go back to my beloved Core Plan.

Ruthie how are you this week??

WC what's up with you???

Opening day of school was OK, really my worst one in several years:( Just computer troubles and paperwork~~my printer is so slow it really hangs me up and our computer gal said it is set right?? I do not really believe her:( But, we got all of the kids feed and they seemed to be happy to be back:)

Does anyone use a pedometer to track their steps?? I bought one a few years ago, but took it back I could never get it to work right?? Now I am thinking it was working fine I just was not doing enough steps even tho I thought in my line of work I was doing thousands a day:) I am going to get another one and am just wonder if you all have one what brand is it?? WW's sells one, I will look into it tomorrow night:)

Everyone have a fun day drink lots of water!

Perkladd, again welcome :)

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Hope your week is off to a great start!
I go to the meetings and also have access to online e-tools. I signed up for the monthly pass. I use the flex program.
I do have a pedometer that I use for my walks. It works fine, even has a built in safety alarm thing that you can use if you are in danger, etc. No problems with it so far. I got mine at TJMaxx. I'm not sure what brand it is, but I'll check and get back to you.


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PL, I am going for my weigh in this evening:( Yesterday I weighed while at CURVES and was right at my goal~~I have faithfully been tracking these last few days and will for the next two weeks also drinking losts of water~~~WOW~~~that water is magic for getting rid of bloating:)

I went on line and checked out pedometers, the site I was at said you do not have to pay over 10bucks to get a good one without the bells and whistles. Which is all I need. I am going to look for a couple of brands they suggested and if I can not find them I will order from them i think they have free shipping.

HEY!! WC and Ruthie where are you two?? Are you OK???

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Welcome Perkladd.Nice to have a new poster on the WW thread.

I hab a bad heb code. Staying in bed and drinking this Chinese herbal tea that DS and his GF recommend. I am not able to take cold meds. They set me to climbing the walls. So it's nasal inhalant and fluids for me. :(

Hope you have a great weigh in LL.

I had a good weekend with lots of walking.

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WC, I can not take cold meds either for the same reason. I make ginger tea made by slicing up fresh ginger and boiling it in water for a bit and sweeten it with lots of honey~~it works great!

My pre weigh in a CURVES was good so I am hoping it will be the same at WW's.

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IHi Everyone...I am so off my diet and way of eating...I haven't been to the gy in a week...gotta get back but so involved in life I just can't seem to do it...Will try to post tomorrow....Haha I wasn't feeling bad about not going to the gyn...just for not posting here...

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Ruthie I know just how you feel in fact I think we all do. Just post anyway and let us know what fun thing you are doing?? How are the Barbie clothes going?? Too bad I did not know you when my girls were young they loved Barbies and would have loved to have special made clothing for them. MY GD never got into them. I have to give my DD's the Hallmark Barbie ornie every year they tear the presents apart til they find it~~~speaking of which I better go get it today:)

My weigh in was good 145 a pound below my goal weight WHEW! I was sweating it. I also bought a bunch of snacks I was out of everything.

LOL!! I asked the gal just exactly what it means that I have to weigh in once a month?? Like the same date each month or what?? She said I could come in next week and weigh in for Sept in fact I could even go tomorrow?? Now does that seem like cheating?? Then I would not have to worry about it til the end Oct?? Would I stay on program then or fiddle and diet the week before my weigh in????

What do you all think???

OH! Drink that water if you do nothing else drink the water, I swear that is what helps me the most.

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Thanks LL...for the encouragement...I'm doing ok now...probably eating more than I should but not gaining any...I could live with the weight that I am now if I had too...not trim and slim but not terribly overweight either...We have company and that hasn't helped but going back to the gym tomorrow...they are closed today so anyway...I'm getting back on track. Went out to eat last night and refused to make a pig of myself...ate just enough to satisfy...that alone is an accomplishment...Have a good Sunday and a great weekend everyone...

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