Weekly Weigh-in, week of 8/30/09

harold14370August 30, 2009

Hello, everybody.

Here are the results from last week.

Harold - Weight 202, lost 2, total lost 73

Silver - DNWI

Eklektos - on vacation

Jasmi - Weight 136, gained 2.4, total lost 12

Betty - Weight 158, lost 0, total lost 22

Helen - Weight 156, lost 1.6, total lost 44

Ivamae - Weight 176, lost 2, total lost 16

Congrats to Helen and Ivamae.

My results this week:

Weight 201, lost 1, total lost 74

Average Calories - Food 2020, exercise 370

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Good Morning,

I'm still half asleep this morning. Stayed up until almost 3am reading stuff on forums here on the garden web. It is addictive!!!!

Anyway, today is a big day at our house. I'm taking our Baby to get his learner's permit today. Of course DH had put his Soc.Sec. card up so we would know where it was and we tore the house apart last night to find it with no luck. SO..... it's off to the Soc. Sec. office 1st to get another one before the DMV.

Y'all pray for me because in a "Senior Moment" I told him that he could drive home!!!! That is a SCARY thing. I may drive out of the city and get off of the 4 lane before I let him get under the wheel for the first time.

Back to the business at hand... My weight for this week is:

157lbs - lost 1.

Have a great day,


P. S. - I almost forgot, I actually got in 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday for the 1st time since DH's aunt came to live with us at the 1st of June. She didn't like it and kept trying to talk me off. I just kept telling her "Just a few more minutes"!!!!

I think I will have to wait until DH gets home so he can sit and occupy her while I walk.

Man, it felt good!

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Weight 155.2, lost .8, total lost 44.8

Still hangin in there...

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Congrats on turning it around and heading in the right direction. Glad you could find some time for the treadmill.

Nice going, as usual.

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Sad to say that I did not lose anything this week and have had more exercise too. Still at 176.

We have had a lot of stress this week and I strongly suspect food went to my mouth when it shouldn't have. Food is my comfort.

I'll try my best for next week

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Congrats to everybody on their weight loss.

I was 134 this morning. I have been stuck at this weight for almost a month . I am hoping get on track from next week. Wish me all the best :-)

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