exercise for someone who has not exercised in a LONG time

Okla_galJanuary 13, 2002

I am wanting to start exercizing again which I have not done in years. I am in my mid 40's, am fairly active, but I was needing your opinion. Do you think someone who has not done anything other than mowed or swam for a long time can get back into shape and get their wind back so when they climb stairs or try to play basketball they don't feel like the are dying from lack of air. I use to be so active and I still am but far and in between. I am wanting to get back into shape. HELP!

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Hi, sure you can, I did. I use walk away the pounds, it is an in home walking system. I found that it woked very quickly, in a very short time I was out-walking and out-playing my five children at disneyland. It starts with a 1 mile walk and continues to a 2 and a 3 mile. You also use weights and you really get the blood flowing. The one mile only takes about 15 minutes, so its not hard to fit it in. I do think that if you havn't worked out in a while I would start with no weights then add the weights slowly maybe, 1/2 to 1 lb at a time. The weights that come with the set are 2 lbs, but that is too much for a beginner, you could do damage to your shoulders, and this could stop you from trying. Always best to start slow and build up to the higher weights. I have woked up to 3lbs and have stayed with that, I have found that is enough for me.

Good luck

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Dollar Tree has nice hand weights for $1 each. 1 pounders. They are foam covered and easy to hang on to. I keep dropping the weighted balls. Also check the walk away the pounds thread. I posted about anew set of tapes Leslie has out.

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Walking is definitely the way to go. My parents are in their upper 50's and, at the advice of their doctor, began walking daily. Not only did they lose weight and get more fit...it also gave them the push they needed to finally quit smoking! Mom had problems with her knees and had trouble going up steps....the weight loss from walking made that go away. I'm 20 years younger than her and have always been pretty physically active and she keeps up with me with no problem.

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You asked if we thought someone who had not exercised in a long time could get back in shape. well, think about this, if you DON"T exercise some, even a little, what kind of shape will you be in this time next year?

You'll be worse. You want to start doing something, and walking is a good beginning, to just stay where you are. You may never get back to what you could do when you were a teenager, but you can certainly improve on what you are today.

Give it a good try. It will be well worth it!!

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Start walking.

10 minutes/ day for 1 week. 15 minutes/day for 2nd week. Report back after week 2.

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I also would say walking. The key for was building up to two walks a day (am/pm) and I really started noticing a difference. Also, I think Pilates/Yoga (starting where you do what you can and modify) is great. Good Luck!

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Another vote for walking. I askled a Physical Therapist what's the best exercise for me, a 55 year old woman who has never been really fit and strong. My thighs and butt are way big. He told me "Walk".

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Agree with the others re walking. I am 71 yrs old and my husband (73) and I go to the gym 5x per week and it's amazing how much better we feel with exercise. I use the treadmill and he uses the exercise bike and does various machines. Along with weight loss, it actually elevates your mood, helps you to sleep better, helps to prevent cancer. It is almost a magic bullet!

Our neighbors call us "the active couple." LOL

Get started!

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Hi Okla Gal, please see my response to post "Exercise, Work, and Time Questions". This may be more than what you are looking for but will hopefully provide some inspiration. I am nearing 48 and this workout has worked for me.

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Of course you can do it, just start slowly and work up to more. I'm 74, walk the treadmill 30 minutes a day, do my cardio exercises, and lift weights. I feel wonderful!! If an old lady can do it you can too.

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You can do it one step at a time. Start learning how to eat well and start doing easy exercises and build slowly.

I had to get fit after having a bad accident. I found a great dvd to walk to (in the house). You can google Leslie Sansome. You can start with one mile and work up. When the weather is better, go outside, walk the dog, get family or friends to walk with.

Good luck and you can do it.

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