Stretching the food (long, but interesting)

yborgalApril 21, 2003

What a strange day yesterday turned out to be. Our niece is in the hospital and because of that my SIL felt it was "wrong" for the family to get together. I disagreed, but, hey, it's her daughter. So I planned on having my son, his girlfriend,her daughter and my in laws for lunch at 1:00. At 10:30 my SIL called saying I should invite her son in law and her 2 grandkids because the dad & kids were sad & upset they had not been invited anywhere. (She NEVER invites anyone over; it's too much trouble) So, I called and invited them and they said they'd love to come. At this point, I still had lots of food. At 11:00, the other niece calls and asks if they could come,too. This is another 4 people. Then at 11:10, my SIL says as long as everyone else is coming, they'd like to come,too. Well, the ham and the rest of the food wasn't going to stretch for another 9 people. So I went through my freezer and pantry. Made an extra vegetable casserole, boiled eggs for a deviled egg tray. Made a bigger salad. Pulled some Italian sausage out of the freezer (did a quick thaw) and roasted it with onions and peppers. Baked a pound cake. Called everyone and told them to come at 1:30. I can't believe that when they got there, the tables were set, the food was ready and the kitchen was clean. What a crazy day! Has anyone else had this happen to them on such short notice?

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no, but I think you deserve one HECK of a pat on the back! That's amazing!

Why is it people don't think about whether you'll have enough food?

My FIL's sister passed away in Europe, and here in NYC they had a memorial service. Tons of people came, and then they all came to my IL's house and sat and looked at my MIL!!!! (mind you, her husband was the one w/ the death in the family--everyone else was extended family or friends!)

She thought a FEW people were coming, but this was EVERYBODY! Fortunately it wasn't Easter Sunday, so she sent us out to buy more food.

I was absolutely floored. In the Midwest, people make the food FOR the family; they don't show up and expect to be fed BY the family!

You did good!

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Speaking of funeral food, where I'm from everyone also brings food to the home of the family and there are lots of people (family) around for several days eating. When my dad died a few years ago one of my friends brought soft drinks, paper plates and cups, napkins and plastic utensils instead of food. It was wonderful. we had so many people at the house eating that we would have been constantly washing dishes. Now when someone dies, I bring the paper goods to the house.

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DH and I used to live very close to friends and family. It got to be common practice for 4 friends (plus 1 child), my mom, and my brother to "drop by" for dinner unannounced. Usually while I was in the process of cooking dinner. You'd be surprised how many dishes can be stretched by adding rice and black beans. That, or one friend would always bring the beer (he had 2 kegs in his kitchen at all times and lived 3 doors down from us) and by the time dinner was ready everyone would be too silly or full to eat much. Obviously nothing quite as amazing at what you pulled off!

I love the idea of bringing the paper goods to the home of the funeral host. Luckily I have had rare occasion to be such a guest and never the host, but I will keep that idea in mind.

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My family/close friends always bring to each other's house for a meal. It's so much easier on the hostess that way and we get to taste new or much loved recipes. For example I make a terrible jello mold. My mother is the best at it (probably why I never perfected the job)so for Thanksgiving etc she always brings one plus usually something else too.
It's fun and less stressful for the hostess.

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: ) ooh... you deserve a reward for the fishes and loaves miracle you just pulled off...

my traditional housewarming basket for friends always includes 5 pounds of pasta, a few jars of sauce, and two good-sized containers of my pineapple chili-

and you would be amazed at how many times we have wound up feeding the moving crew from that basket! somehow, no one ever thinks that a crew (of friends) needs more than beer (though several of us are non-boozers)

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