Weekly Weigh-in, week of 8/23/09

harold14370August 23, 2009

Hello, everybody.

The results from last week are as follows.

Harold - Weight 204, lost 2, total lost 71

Silver - Floating between 130 and 135

Eklektos - On vacation

Jasmi - Weight 133.6, lost 0.4, total lost 14.4

Betty - Weight 158, lost 5, total lost 22 (After readjusting the zero on the scale, canceling last week's 4 lb gain)

Helen - Weight 157.6, lost 0, total lost 42.4

Ivamae - Weight 178, lost 1, total lost 14

My results for this week

Weight 202, lost 2, total lost 73

Average Calories: Food 1945, exercise 275.

It's a little surprising that I continue to lose weight at a good rate, even though eating a bit more. I'm probably due to hit a plateau pretty soon.

Wardrobe update: I bought some size 36 pants. I had been wearing 42 at the beginning of the year. Also, I can wear medium size shirts now, though a little tight. I had been wearing XL and even have an XXL or two.

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Okay, I am again on the move.

Here are my stats for this week.

Weight 156, lost 1.6, total lost 44.

All this in spite of the home made peach ice cream I ate at church yesterday evening.. lol

Have a great week everyone.


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Good Morning,

Harold, Don'e cha just love buying those smaller sizes?
It is great that you can eat a little more and still lose.

Way to go, Helen! On top of peach ice cream!

My weight stayed the same. 158. Been sick. Went to the Dr yesterday after having a BAD headache for 2 days. Found ear infections in both ears and sinus infection. Got 2 shots in the hip area. I'm still feeling the affects. Lots of back spacing and deleting in this post! ;)

Have a great day,

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