ideas for classy fall 50th bday party

valarie_1958April 5, 2008

any ideas for late october bday party. it will be inside club house.son and dauhter are giving it for me.shes great at decorating he's djing for it. paying for open bar but would welcome any suggestions you have

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Are you considering a Halloween theme?

By classy, are you thinking suit with tie and dresses, or more like a level above sub sandwiches?

How many people? Budget? Will you be catering or do you want recipes, etc.

Karaoke may be fun.... or does that fall out of the classy range for you?

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oops.havent been on in a while.not a halloween party. by classy, i mean semi dress up. were thinking assorted appetizers and a dessert bar. very simple buffet dinner,maybe salad,glazed ham,chicken breast(maybe in an orange sauce)potato(maybe a baked sweet potato)veg and rolls.maybe 100 people. best friends are making the appetizers and desserts.definitely would like recipes. flexible on any of the courses.also would really like a fall punch recipe.spiked or not.we are having karaoke.starting out w/some nice music and working our way into the karaoke.most of my budget will probably go towards the open bar bill but only because of family and friends pitching in. i wanted to have it catered but my kids and friends insisted they want to do this for me.

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