Repair of Phillips Model 55P8342- 54in Rear Projection

biggunn72November 23, 2006

Can someone please advise me what to do? I went on the Phillips website but I can't tell which part is which. The picture on my tv is great but it has no sound. Sometimes if I turn it on it has sound for a few minutes or so and then it goes away. I had a tv repairman come out here and he said something about the chip or motherboard or something was bad and that it would be expensive because I have dual tuners but I want to know what this part is called. Anyone, please help. This tv is 4 years old and I paid a lot of money for it new and I have not used it all that much. I don't think it is right I might have to spend 500 to fix it when I can buy a new one for 800

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This is probably a long shot, since we have different tvs. I have a 52in RCA projection television. The fix seems so simple that I didn't think it would work. All I had to do was unplug the tv from the wall for 30 minutes to an hour. It has worked great since I did it. I was told that cable companies send s closed caption signal into homes that causes this problem with the sound on RCA televisions. The funny thing is I was about to toss the tv until I came across the fix online. It's worth a try.

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Your TV needs a SSB module replaced. It is a small circuit board that plugs in just like a computer memory card. You push it sideways and pull up lightly. It is a common problem for these to go out and loose audio. They will cost about $125-$150.

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