Any exercise equipment good for home ?

ashleymoreJanuary 29, 2014

Hey Everyone,
I am new to this forum and wanted some good suggestion regarding some exercise equipment that I could use at home, as I am a working lady I don't get sufficient time to go to gym and therefore, I am planing to get some equipment's. Can anyone help me with what equipment's are necessary that could help me loose fat & reduce weight ?

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I am also very busy and just like you I have no time to go the gym but I have my daily exercise without equipment. I use the hip hop abs 30 minutes long (fat burning cardio) which I got from you tube. I have been doing this for more than 2 years now. It is very effective because I lose 15 pounds since then.

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Yeah, this seems to be problem with all the persons who are working. We are like working whole day and don't get to concentrate on exercising our body, in fact my belly is like bulging out like anything, I definitely need to do something to overcome that. Therefore, I am seeking advice of lots of people. Thanks for yours too :)
Still I am looking for some equipment, my brother advised me to get a treadmill & a stationary bike as it would be helpful for me in long run, also I would be able to count how much calories I burned per day and also my heart rate, blood pressure, distance I covered etc.

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Finally, I have found a solution to loose my belly fat, I got a new stationary bike from this online website. I am so excited, it is rigged with advance features like it tells the rpm, my heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned and is very comfortable. I am sure to get good results after a daily ride of 25-30 minutes along with some yoga or crunches & loud music of course that inspires me to do all this ;-)
I am looking forward to get some more and I was advised to get an elliptical... will that work for me ??

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I believe in yoga and suggest you to do that as it will not only helps you with losing weight but also keep your mind relax which is exhausted with our daily busy schedule.

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Yoga is also one of the best for losing belly fats. I integrate yoga with my daily hip hop abs fat burning cardio. I have upper back pains and shoulders tension due to whole day work in front of the computer and maybe I have bad posture so I surf the internet and look for exercise that will ease the pain. I saw this yoga in you tube and from then on I do it regularly. It really works.

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I recommend you to use a treadmill or stationary bike at home. This equipment will help your heart rate up and tone your muscles. Biking or cycling is a total body workout and can boost your endurance. If you spend 30 minutes or an hour on biking everyday there are many possibilities that you can easily lose weight.

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HIIT workouts are great if you are short on time. Youtube has a lot of them. They are all pretty intense. I use this one a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We have different kinds of workouts and physical fitness exercises and all are beneficial for our health. Using tread mill, stationery bike, dumbell, etc are great. We have to exercise daily to stay us fit.

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When I was unable to join a gym (none within 30+ miles of my rental during a long-term temporary job assignment), this is what I used:

exercise (equipment needed)

1) Rowing (Concept2 indoor rowing machine)
2) Running outside (running shoes and one of Hal Higdon's free online training programs)
3) A modified version of "New Rules of Lifting - Abs' (New Rules book which can be checked out from library, cheap dumbbells, a broomstick without the sweeping part, resistance bands, a small step, and (optional) a cheap pair of furniture sliders)
4) Youtube stretching videos (foam roller)

Every 3 to 4 months I switched between the following 2 plans: 1) Hal Higdon as main training plan with rowing machine or New Rules as cross training, or 2) New Rules as main training focus with running and rowing as cross training.

And, I timed the above with some running races so the end of the HH running plan aligned with the race date. This probably sounds complicated, but after a bit of reading, and planning, it was easy.

After every workout I followed some Youtube stretching videos along with some foam rolling.

The "New Rules" series has a lot of books in it. I liked the abs book because of all the core work--this was a nice combination with the distance running and the rowing.

When the assignment ended and I moved back to my home, I was able to sell the rowing machine for close to MSRP (Concept2 machines seem to retain value.)

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a set of basic dumbells, an exercise ball, music, and a small space are all you need. Well, and motivation, but that's a different story.

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For at home work outs, equipment like gym ball, dumbbells (not too light and heavy. choose 10lbs.), mat, and a chair. A lot of videos in youtube uses those simple equipment to lose weight. Just check out the videos to learn their purposes.

My mom is a workaholic and she's been busy all day long everyday and she doesnt have more time to go to the gym. She just bought a DVD containing Zuma and Tae-BO sessions and dance in front of the TV in the weekends. :)

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I have found a spin bike is the best. It works so many areas, even firms up your arms. I use a video that came with it and do the 30 minute class in the morning. My husband does it too (he gets up earlier than me lol). You don't have to think about anything but getting on the bike and doing what the video says. The results are fantastic, just 30 minutes a day and reducing your sugar intake will do wonders.

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