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junelynnAugust 12, 2004

Please ADD to this!!

I willing admit that I am powerless over some foods and I must alway be alert for when I fall into the well of BRYERÂS VANILLA ICE CREAM....it takes a crane to get me out of that abyss.

I will now see FAST FOOD CHAINS as FAST WEIGHT GAINS and avoid them at all costs. SALADS ONLY! LITE dressings....

I will convince myself that baked chicken without skin, taste just as good a batter fried. The crock pot will be my friend.

I am powerless over portion size and must realize that the AMERICAN way of food requires doggy bags if I go out to eat or eat only until 80% full. Drink lots of water...

I will see no bad fats, hydrogenated oil, sugars, carbs as my friend. They are not my friend. I only THINK they are my friend.

I will drink water when thirsty. I will drink water when thirsty. I will drink water when thirsty. And remember, sometimes when you are hungry, you are really thirsty!

Sometimes we need a laugh..

June Lynn

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LOL june
Welcome to the world of dieting... fun isn't it BUT the end results are worth it.

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Thanks for those words, June. I do love the saying "the crockpot is my friend"!!!

Good Luck!

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Crockpot and the grill too!
So how are you doing these days?
Kathy - who should have been a 6'5" trucker the way she can put food away

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Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

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