Magnavox Mod#TP2770C102 Chassis Mod#27B51500AA

wildchild969November 16, 2006

I was reading a book and listening to the t.v. this afternoon when the sound just stopped along with the screen going black. The green power light on front was still on, steadily, but there was this whine that I've never heard before. Thinking it was cable's fault, turned off cable box with no change to t.v.. Remote cannot turn off/on t.v. nor can power button on t.v., had to unplug to kill. When I plug it back in, it's already turned on with a black screen and 'quiet' whine. Menu, Channel, and Volume buttons don't work, either. Television manufactured in Nov. of 1994. Love the t.v., don't really want to lose it. Any theories or fixes? Thanks for your attention.

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