How do I figure out calories for a recipe?

weedwomanJanuary 10, 2004

How do I figure out how many calories are in a recipe I make from a cookbook, if they don't list it? Is it as simple as figuring out the calories in each ingredient and adding it up? Are there any web sites that do this?


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It's that simple. You add everything up, then divide by the number of servings. All you need is a book or site listing calories plus a calculator.

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i always write it next to the recipe so i do not have to do it twice. have ones that i figured out 15 years ago!

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I figured that was how it was done, but things frequently aren't as simple as they seem like they ought to be!

Hm, this might be an interesting problem for my rudimentary computer programming skills. Seems like you could make a little calculator that would know the calories and add it all up for you... I'll bet there's one out there somewhere.



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I use MasterCook and it does the work for me. There are other cooking programs that also can figure the calories (plus amounts of carbs, fiber, fat, cholestrol, protein and more). It isn't a perfect system though- it just adds the nutrition information for each ingredient. So if you fry something in a cup of oil, it will calculate the nutrition information based on a cup of oil, even though you don't actually eat it all. But it does give you a good idea on what you are eating. Best thing about MasterCook is that you can make menues and see your daily totals without a heck of a lot of work. I'm all for the quick and easy way! I don't think MasterCook is still being produced, but you can find other programs like it and they aren't too expensive. Many also come with tons of recipes, plus you can add your own.

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