Dieting Pals--8/23 --8/29 Glub glubb!

yellowhairAugust 23, 2004

I think I'm going to go down to my lake and just jump in! lol---just kiddin' ya! But, I am upset with myself for not eating better and exercising more----having a horrible time with getting into a good-eating routine.

After dh had his spell we were sooo good with our meals and now it's just everything goes. But, I am back to the diet sodas.

We've been in and out of town, but it will always be an obstacle-------so, I HAVE to really start watching every morsel. I'm getting my food journal back out.

You guys are doing so good! Congrats to all who've lost. Kathy, I keep seeing your "one more try" and that encourages me to try again. I have signed up for a 5k walk/run (walk for me-lol) on Saturday.

Had a salad for lunch. I'm tryin'!!!!!!

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Thanks Yellowhair. I yank myself up so many times it's a wonder I am not balding. I get so disgusted with myself. Just for today I am a perfect dieter. Sometimes (especially when I go to a grocery store) I feel like I am a fat alien and everyone gets to eat good stuff but me. Do you know what I mean?
Yup the journal is the best idea - I use old envelopes from bills and start adding the calories and measuring every morsel - at least I did today.
Anyone see the new WW diet? More carb counting I think but someone here will know.
Glad you came back and please keep trying.

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Hi Yellowhair! Hi Kathy! I am still working at this. I've been real good at writing down what I eat everyday. I just wish I could get back to regular workouts. That part is not going well at all. I sort of have to bribe myself into it if I'm going to exercise at all. A few years ago I was so good, but I just can't get back into it. :(

My goal this week is to work out for 30 min at least twice. Maybe if I post it I will commit to it better!

DH and I made a special trip the store tonight to get more Skinny Cow fudge bars! I think I am addicted, lol. I asked him to pick them up when he did the food shopping over the weekend, but he couldn't find them. I have one a couple of times a week. They're gooood!

Hope you all have a great week. And please keep posting. I've discovered that these days I'm checking the Diet Club forum before I even look at Kitchens, lol.

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Good morning - I was so BAD yesterday - lots of candy (but some was sugar free) and a big old dark chocolate covered cherry.
I was dreaming of course. In reality I counted every bite. 2 days down and it only feels like a month..

Think I can put in an order for peanut butter with a side of cheese tonight? Pizza tomorrow night cravings will be history....wouldn't that be nice and not one calorie

Last night for supper we had canned chow mein - not my favorite food but only 80 calories per cup. The noodles (the hard ones in a can) were 140 calories per 1/2 cup. Not a low fat snack food but they won't be tempting me becaue hubby ate all of them. He asked me if the stuff was fattening and I told him not in the size bowl I was having. Just about anything is fattening if you eat enough of it. He has tall thin genes - lucky duck.

Went Goodwill shopping and bought 4 like new warm winter shirts for $15 all.

I found regular fudge bars that have around 100 calories each and are a nice treat if you are budgeting as long as they don't call you to the freezer. Never tried the skinny cows but next trip to Wal-Mart I'll check them out.

Lost a little weight since last week but I'm still 7 pounds from a lecture at the end of September and one week in Sept is vacation week. oh boy.....

You are very brave YH. Have you been in training?? How many miles is that?

Well stay strong all. Eat your veggies.

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Hello everybody. Nice to see you're still here.

May I jump in that lake with you,Yellowhair? I seem to be battling the same pound for 3 weeks now. Up a half down a half up a half....sigh.

Part of the problem is I've been eating a lot of meals out socially. I do fine eating out by myself or with just one friend but the "I haven't seen you in ages, lets meet for dinner" meals are what get me.

I do journal everyday ( haven't missed a day in 32 weeks) so I KNOW why I'm not losing faster. I ate 9 meals out the last 7 days of which 3 were "social" and one was at the Fair....(Tri-tip sandwich and a huge cinnamon roll).

So I think I will try to eat most of my meals at home this week and see if I can get things moving again. Wish I could latch on to the same enthusiasm I started out with.

Kathy, Please don't be disgusted with are here and you are trying. Be proud of yourself for hanging in there. Try not to let the fear of what the doctor says be your motivation. Do this for you and no one else. Allow yourself to be a bit selfish about your weight loss. Make it all about YOU....not the DR., not the scale and not what others think. Focus on how much better YOU feel as the weight comes off. Watch that canned chowmein, lots of salt, drink extra water. We didn't get here (fat) by eating just one chocolate cherry or a slice of pizza. Enjoy it and move on.

Hi Buglady, Keep that jounal going. It helps.

Tell us more about your walk Yellowhair.

Have a flabbyless week all.

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Good morning!
Yellowhair are you walking?
Wildchild - my main problem with the doc is that I did not go to the doctor at my heaviest which would have been very obese. He did not see the first 50 going but now sees this lady come in that is overweight not obese so every 3 months it is lecture time. I noticed the people in his office are not rail thin either only the ones that weigh me!
Salt is not really a problem for me I am glad to say. Rarely retain fluid and am thankful for that.
I wonder about the first person to eat bean sprouts - did they think they were good? Those canned ones leave a lot to be desired.
I am reading a book by Dean O'Dell (and that probably is spelled wrong). It's called Eat, Drink, and be Merry.
In it he says most people have the misconception that fat people eat a lot and there is no such thing as a heavy person who does not eat much. But people do believe there are skinny minnies that can eat anything and not gain a pound.
He also says that some people do not lose weight with exercise - their bodies just adjust to the amount of exercise and their metabolism kicks in for a slowdown. Of course there are great benefits of exercise but it is not a sure thing for weight loss - depends on your own body. Thought that was interesting. One man's opinion anyway.
Last night I was craving red meat so had grilled lean burgers (no bread) baked fries and had plenty of salad for lunch so could not look at veggies. Ate my usual turkey on the salad for lunch.
Today will be lower carb with turkey for lunch salmon for supper. What do you eat on a typical day?? I need ideas...

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Hi all! I'm a loser today---yep, looks like 2 lbs. are gone!!

Wildchild, those social meals are killers since there's usually so much food to see-----and I am now telling myself that I HAVE to drink water when I go out for meals. The diet stuff at restaurants to me tastes bad, but I do enjoy water with my meals at home.

Hang in there! Maybe we need to do a mental willpower thingy before we go out (I eat out a lot, too) to just eat so-and-so and that's it!

Kathy, I walked some this morning but I got up late so didn't get out till 10 and it was getting warm, real warm. I may try to go to the park this evening. The 5K walk/run thing is Saturday and it's for a charity event. I'm walking with another lady from church, but I doubt that I'll reach the 5 mile marker. I'm not that good, yet. lol

Buglady, I'm having problems with the exercise routine also. Don't give up - I'm slowly trying to get back into an exercise mode. I feel so much better when I get my exercises done. Something accomplished, for myself.

Kathy, you were asking about meals - I usually start the day with a diet drink--have some cereal and milk or nothing for breakfast. I've never been a big breakfast person. At lunch I'll have ham or some other kind of lunchmeat, possibly cut up in pieces on top of a salad or on bread. Snacks are diet yogurt or pudding, diet cookies, or skinny cows. Supper (dinner, in some areas-lol) is small meat amounts, chicken, pork chops cooked on my George Foreman grill, a small steak, (use a little water while they're cooking so they won't be so dry) veggies and sometimes a potato. See, this is why I can't lose weight!! Too much food!!!!!!

I saw Suzanne Sommers a few nights ago on a show and she has a book about body metabolism. She says if you get fat around the waist, then our body converts foods into sugar and we can gain weight, even if we have a carrot it turns into sugar, and fat, I guess. Darn!!! Did anybody else see this? It's all about body metabolism, or such.

I think this is way too complicated for me-------I know that I lost weight by exercising, watching the fats, and cutting down on the regular drinks and drinking more water.

Have a great day, everybody! Think slim.

PS I put one of my fat photos on the fridge. I think it helps. I'm drinking more water now!

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Hey Everybody!! Glad to see all the chit-chat here.

Kathy--You know, maybe I shouldn't say this, but good for you for eating that chocolate-covered cherry! I'm just not one for excessive deprivation, and you were fair with yourself about it and counted it. I think that is a real healthy attitude.

As for me, there is no way I can give up peanut butter. OK maybe I could, but I just refuse to. I pretty much have pb everyday at lunch. But I did switch to the reduced fat variety, and I eat less of it than I used to.

I'm one of those people who can't lose weight through exercise alone, apparently. I had tried that approach before. I did not change my diet, and no weight was lost. I exercised a lot, too. I was probably building muscle, and I felt very fit. Of course, I did weigh less then than I do now.

Hi Wildchild! I eat out pretty often, too. It is so much easier to do this when I eat at home. I think part of the reason I put on these extra pounds is by eating too much when I went out. Restuarant portions are scary.

Yellowhair--Congratulations!! You should really try putting a picture of yourself at the weight you want to be on the fridge. Or a picture of someone that looks like they are at your goal weight. From what I've heard, you need to reset your brain to focus on the new goal. You are also supposed to pretend that you are already at your goal weight. I mean in your head you should try to think that you already are slimmer. I know it runs counter to logic--that's psycho-babble for you, I guess. But heck, it might be worth a try.

Hooray for all of us for keeping at it!

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Yellowhair, it looks to me like you don't eat enough! That may be why you cannot lose. I know I had to eat more to lose weight...good foods of course!

We had a health seminar in the office this morning. The nurse was a cardio therapy worker, and she said you must eat breakfast each day to start your metabolism. Those who skip breakfast set up their bodies to store each morsel as fat during the day, as the body thinks it's not going to get fuel.

BTW, this gal looked wonderful!!! Hope this advice helps you a bit!!

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I agree with eating more to lose at times. I try to start the day with some protein, a bread and some fruit. If I don't eat some protein I seem to get hungry sooner.

A convenient breakfast for me would be a frozen pancake or waffle, lite sausage links or a piece of ham and a piece of fruit. Sometimes an egg, two strips of bacon and toast. Many times I eat lunch for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

Lunch is a tuna sandwich on a roll with a salad's worth of greens on top, Sometimes a roast beef or turkey sandwich or a small burger or a Lean Cuisine meal. I don't care for processed meats. Fruits and veggies as needed for hunger.

Dinner is standard meat,veggie and starch but portion controlled. If I eat potatoes, pasta or rice I skip the bread. If I don't, I have bread.

Snacks are usually chewy granola bars, fruit and grain bars, fig newtons or occasionally a "good" cookie like oatmeal. I eat ice cream almost every day, but measure out 1/2 cup. For crunch I measure out dry cereal or pretzels.

I use sugarfree jello sometimes and clear veggie based soups to fill up when I'm on a "can't stop eating binge".

I "trick" my sweet tooth by using healthy choices. For example I will slice a banana on a hot pancake or waffle, sprinkle with a little cinnamon sugar and add a dollop of whipped cream...banana cream pie thats good for me. For apple crisp I nuke a sliced apple sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon and sugar and top it with crushed honey nut chex cereal.

I don't get enough dairy since I'm not a milk or yogurt person, so I take calcium. I do eat cottage cheese and cheese though. The little Babybell cheeses are a good snack at 70 calories each.

That's pretty much how I eat and as long as I don't get carried away with restaurant portions or eating too much fat at one meal it seems to work for me.

Anyway thats what I eat. Hope it helps.

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Hi, Guys!

Just a quick thought... Anyone ever try FITDAY.COM? Basic service is free. Sure is a fun and interesting way to record calories, carbs and exercise. I find it very helpful.

Hang in there everybody!


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Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I just can't get back into the program! I haven't done WW seriously since last March, but I'm happy that I have only gained 6½ pounds back. I am not working away from home now and I am hoping to at least start an exercise program to tone up. I checked out the Exercise Forum and it is pretty dead. I think that if I start working out, I will automatically start watching what I put in my mouth. I was almost at my goal weight when I quit. So I think exercising would probably put me where I want to be, or close to it.
DeeMarie5500, I have also heard that you should always eat something in the morning to get the metabolism going. There were lots of mornings that I would grab 2 slices of wheat toast before going to work.
When I was doing Weight Watchers here is a sample day for me:
Breakfast - 1 bowl of instant oatmeal with cinnamon and apple, 2 points.
Coffee break - 1 apple, 1-2 points depending on size.
Lunch - 94% Fat-free popcorn and a diet Coke- 2 points (hey, I love popcorn)
After work - I would snack on baby carrots while I relaxed and read, 0 points
Dinner - whatever I wanted as long as it was no more than 10-12 points.
Night-time snack - 1 cup fruit with lite cool whip, 1 point, or fat free ice cream.
Some times I would snack on a few pretzels. And I chewed gum during the day. I was completely full and satisfied all day. And I felt great! I know my diet wasn't balanced, but I have never eaten "right". I still eat like a teenager, but I have no health problems like most of my same-age friends. So I guess junk food works for me. LOL

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Hi! Wow it's nice to see everyone.

Congrats to the 2 pound loser!

Thanks for posting what you eat too. That helps get ideas.
Funny thing about that chocolate covered cherry - I was dreaming!!! Did not eat it for real.

MaryAnn I can gain 7 pounds in a month! I think you are doing fine. Hey I liked your photo on the KT of Jammer calling the bear - lol!

Heading to yard sales this morning to find the bargains so better get ready. Season is almost finished....sigh.

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Today was weigh-in day for me. No losses this week. :( But no gains either! :) Then, I went to a luncheon for a co-worker. And now I'll be going into my bonus points for dinner, as I only have half a point left for today. :(

Well, now I'm motivated to go do some step aerobics. Gotta earn some points for dinner, lol. And DH is talking about going out. Oy!

I did keep to my promise and did 30 min of aerobic workout on Tuesday. Plus, last night we walked and did stairs. Long story, but basically DH and I are Eagles season ticket holders and there was a pre-season game last night. We sit at the top of the stadium = lots of stairs to climb! Plus the parking lot that we use is a 15 min walk from the stadium.

Kathy--Now you've got me dreaming of choc. covered cherries, lol! Not a good thing today!

OK, gotta go workout.

Oh, before I go breakfast for me is usually cereal with skim milk or toast with a hard-boiled egg. Lunch is reduced fat peanut butter on saltines, one piece of fruit and a lowfat yogurt. I had to give up snacking between breakfast and lunch, and that has worked out fine. Dinner varies, but I always try to fit in a treat for after dinner. Like a Skinny Cow or one little peppermint pattie.

See ya!

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Eagles? We are in Redskin country and I hate football.
Or rather, I hate football announcers! Blah blah blah - 3 or more men all trying to get their opinions in at once. When did announcers quit covering the games? I sat and watched games with my dad but can't stand the announcers now.
Oh this is the Diet Fourm! Well mine went great until hubby brought home a bag of hard pretzels. Tired Kathy + hard pretzels are not a good combo. Down 1/2 pound this morning though.
New product alert! Maybe not new to you.
Packets of Bumblebee salmon with 3 ounces of the nicest salmon - great for salads - and I found them for 99 cents. I also saw packets of flavored tuna. Hickory was one but they were in another store and twice the price.
Individual Crystal Light "tubes" to flavor a bottle of water - how clever is that?
Hubby and I had a "discussion" about peanut butter. His doctor recommended he eat the natural kind since there is no cholesterol. We don't have peanut butter in this house. It's like alcohol to an alcoholic to me. Then he said the doc said could eat peanuts so we compromised and is eating peanuts - at work!
USA Today weekend flyer has the healthiest recipes ever in it but so far I have only read the cover.
Going on vacation for a week beginning Thursday and taking the calorie book along. Cannot gain!!!!! I have no excuses - there is a nice stove and refrigerator there - a Subway and a McDonalds (salad).
Buglady I keep 90 calorie fudgesickles (Food Lion brand) in the freezer for a treat.
Well it's time to get busy - lots of work to do today!
Have a healthy day! Take care of yoodle!

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Well I am down a total of 4 regained pounds (6 to go!). It's not easy...but something about stepping on those scales works. 28 days...

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Oh the Eagles... I like everything but "Hotel California" But that Don Henley is to DIE for! What??? you were talking about OTHER Eagles?... I am SO disappointed!

Ha Ha ,


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Tikanas--Very funny!

Kathy--I didn't know there was any Redskins country in PA. And those TV announcers annoy me, too. I like the REAL announcers on the radio. Listen to Merrill Reese every game. If we're home, we turn down the sound on the TV, lol.

Have fun on your vacation! I'm missing mine this year due to the remodel. :( I have to be here to keep an eye on things. Of course, so far all I'm doing is waiting for my kitchen cabinets to show up, and tearing up the place (I think that's called demo, lol) while I wait.

Yellowhair--How did your walk go? I'm signed up for some kind of fitness challenge thing at work. There were different levels and I chose the easiest one for beginners. I'm supposed to get the details later.

Eat healthy!!

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