Bose 151 outdoor speakers

dmgray55November 28, 2008

I have purchased a home with a pair of Bose 151 outdoor speakers on the deck. I would like to be able to connect them to my Dish receiver or home theater. The cables on the inside have a red and a black wire inside each. How could I modify these to connect to my units?


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You cannot connect speakers directly to your Dish receiver. What kind of home theater system are you using?

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I have a Bose 3.2.1 GSX system. My other question would be could I control when the outdoor speakers were on as I would not want them on all the time.

Thank you

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I am not really acquainted with 321 systems so I went to the Bose website and looked at the online user manual.

While I believe you could connect the 151 speakers to the 321 system you probably don't want to.

The 321 DVD unit only has audio outputs that connect with a proprietary cable to the bass unit. I believe the amplifier for the speakers is in that bass unit.

The outputs from the base unit to the supplied small speakers is an equalized output. That means the bass unit reproduces all the bass sound and send all the mid and high sound to those small speakers.

If you connected the 151 speakers to the bass unit with an a/b switch (an easy hookup) it would work but sound terrible as they would not have any bass.

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