Inner-house communication????

dreamhouse1November 20, 2006

We are in the building process and looking for the best system for communication within the house (other than screaming). We are also going to be using a home automation/security system, but haven't come up with anything for communicating from room-to-room (2 stories, 6300 sq ft) that can tie into it. Wall intercom systems that we have seen have all look dated and just ugly. What's everyone using???? Thanks for your input, really appreciated.

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since i did not build my three story 4500 sq ft house I decided to use a four phone uniden system, it gives me a phone on every floor plus the studio over the garage and the phone can transfer calls and be an intercom or a room monitor. the whole thing cost about 100 and is holding up well. then in other rooms i have regular plug into the walls phones.

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