electric garage heater

patrickgNovember 11, 2009

I have an electric garage heater with 3 elements and only one heats up. It is a single phase 240v hanging heater that has a fan for circulatin the air. I tested the electical supply, and there is 118v going to each end of the three elements. I thought that maybe two of the elements were bad, but to be sure, I switched the one in the center, the one that works, to the outside but now the same thing. The one in the middle works and the others do not. I bought the heater used, was "assured" it worked. The heater does not have an internal thermostate, and I have not yet hooked up one to it. I did not think this would be the problem as the thermostate only turns the unit on and off, correct? Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be. The heater is a Berko, model UH 15-240.

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do the elements just plug in, or are they hardwired? sounds like either bad sockets, bad connections, bad wire, or that it has a hi/low setting and is stuck in teh low power mode.

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They are hardwired to one side, with a copper bar going to the other side. I tested all connections and am getting 118v, that is why I ruled out bad connections or wires and I do not see any hi/low settings.

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Do you have a multi meter that can measure resistance?If so turn off the power to the heater disconnect the elements on both ends and test each individual ellement what are your readings in ohms?

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read teh voltage side to side on each element, you should get around 240V. if this heater is like most, you will ALWAYS have 120v to one side and you can read it thru the element on the other side, so you need to check for the full 240V instead of just adding them up.

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