back fat and bra overhang - yuck! how do you get rid of it?

dcrowexJanuary 10, 2005

how do you get rid of that fat that shows thru the back of your shirt from where your bra fits? cant seem to find an exercise that targets this.


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Aerobic exercise so you lose weight least that is what the trainer at the gym said. I don't have so much back fat and bra overhang as I do abdominal fat.....I also had good luck with water aerobics when I went regularly....I trimmed down all over but I still think the key is aerobic exercise. Weight training probably would help, too.
Good luck in whatever you decide.....keep us updated.

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You don't mention how old you are. Age makes a difference. The skin, and the underlying fatty layer, begins to sag and gets "fluffier." If you have lost weight recently, the skin doesn't shrink as quickly as it used to either.

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Rows, and anything else targeting the back, will help tone the back, but it won't get rid of the fat. Like Carol said, aerobic exercise will do that. Also, try different styles/shapes/sizes of bras to minimize the overhang. You'll be surprised how much a difference the proper-fitting bra can make (trust me on that one).

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I read somewhere that the majority of american women do not wear the correct bra size. so:
1. get fitted by one of the visiting specialists at a dept store or go to a store specifically for lingerie where they are experienced fitters. I know it's dreadfully embarrassing the first time but the proper fit changes everything.

2. Its better to have two really great bras made well- like Wacoal or Chantelle- rather than many cheaper ones (victoria secrets are notoriously bad fitting) because how you look on the outside will depend on what the bra is doing on the inside.

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BUT... that is when I got the fat overhang. I never had any, when I wore my old, and granted.. uncomfortable bras. I went to a bra shop, got fitted, and now, overhang.

I have been trying to get rid of it for over a year now. I think, I just plain have it. :(

Deb, let me know, if you figure out a good, totally specific exercise for this "problem".

Oh, my membership is about to run out. New name will be oklahomagarden, new addy oklahomagarden at yahoo dot net


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Rowing and overhead lats. Where you pull the bar down over you head and slightly behind your head. Also, try put your hands behind you and sitting on an aerobic bench. When you are ready, dip up and down by taking your behind off the bench. There are called dips. You can also do this on bars that you pull up and over the bar.

Find a physical trainer and ask them to show you exercise that will work your particular problem area. You do need some cardio too to get rid of the fat.

Your bar should be comfortable on the second or third set of hooks if you have four hooks.

Good luck!

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Ah, the difference you see in your new better fitting bra is that it is SUPPORTING your breasts and keeping them up where they should be. Cheap bras never have good support so everything, fatty tissue and boobs included, sag down.

If you seriously want to tone up your back and arms you are going to have to do it the old fashioned way...exercise and sensible eating. Fat is fat, there is no magic pill that will make it go away nor is there one perfect exercise either. You need aerobic exercise to burn calories and speed up your metabolism. You need to do weight training to tone your muscles. You need to cut out the junk foods and eat a sensible diet, three healthy meals a day or even five smaller meals a day. You need to find what works best for you.

You can exercise 6 days a week and still not see results if you're eating cookies and chips and fast food on a regular basis.

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LOL of course, some lousy marketer has to come and advertise her worthless weight loss pills.

Look, all you can do is aerobic exercise, and eat better. Any weight training you do in that area, such as rowing, will do toning, but that doesn't help unless you're already low in body fat (personal trainers, or your gym trainers, can measure you). Read this article from Discovery Health as an example that you can't lose fat from just one part of your body:

If you need an appetite suppressant, take a natural remedy with lots of dietary fiber like Glucosamine. Most people who have used that said it worked well and with no side effects (since it's natural). Also, make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day, 4 fruits a day (citrus suppresses appetite), and 5 vegetable servings a day.

Increase your intake of watery soups as well. I started drinking coffee, which increases your metabolism, but make sure you ask for nonfat/skim milk or the lite version of the drink if you are at starbucks. Also, make sure you control your portions, if you overload your stomach all at once, even if you didn't eat much the rest of the day, your body will just store it as fat.

Also your net calories per day or week will determine how many pounds you lose. I try to keep under 1500 total calories a day, and then exercise 300 calories off of me. If you go to this website, it will tell you how many calories to consume per day:

Trust me, these work! Just keep yourself disciplined.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calorie Calculator

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mine is gone! but it was expensive. tell you my secret? sigh... LIPO. sad but true. and you can bet i'm at the gym 3x a week with a crazy trainer just to make sure it doesn't reappear.

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I wish I could get Lipo, but I can't afford it!!! I have expensive bras but thats not an excuse because the fat in my back is now larger than my breast! Its so embarrasing! I have gotten to the point where I hate to go out in public. I'm only 21 years old and I am 275lbs. Thats rediculous!!! Its not heriditary...My parents and granparents arent over weight and on top of that all my cousins and friends have the perfect shapes. Help me!!! I don't know what else to do. Any advice? I'm so tired of crying when I look into the mirror.

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Please see a doctor

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I know exactly how you are feeling....

Lipo is not going to solve the problem. That is a solution for problem areas that won't go away with a healthy diet and exercise. At 21, you're body is so resilient that it should take care of itself...once you get on the right track. I am 24 years old now, but a few years ago I felt the same way you did. I had been heavy all of my life and had no idea where to start making changes. I reccommend that you sign up for some sort of nutritional program to teach you how to eat and how to start incorporating exercise into your life. I joined Weight Watchers and lost over 60 lbs. They teach you portion control and healthy habits in a really easy-to-follow system. You learn how to make healthy choices so that you can lose weight and keep it off forever. There's no quick's a lifetime journey. Jenny Craig and Nutri-system teach you the same things, only they require that you buy pre-packaged food until you feel that you can manage it on your own. It is more exspensive, but some people need the extra push in the beginning that the pre-packaged food gives you. These aren't crash diets, these are tools for for a healthy life. You'll be amazed how great you'll feel, how much better your skin will look, and how much more energy you will have once you start taking care of your body.

My very wise Weight Watchers leader once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If you want to stop feeling bad, you're going to have to make some changes. Baby steps, one change at a'll get there.

Best of luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Weight Watchers

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You get rid of back fat the exact same way that you get rid of belly fat, arm fat, or leg fat. You eat better and exercise. You can't 'spot reduce' to get results only in one place. Cardio exercise will burn calories, which will cause you to lose weight. Everywhere. Including your back.

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I'm late on this discussion but I can tell you a couple things that helped me.
Weight training. Get a video or a coach to give you the basics so you don't hurt yourself. Baby steps! Go slow!Go light!
Weight training even with relatively light weights (10-15 lbs is my max right now)will define and lift the upper body. Actually well developed pectoral muscles compensate for the ligament stretching that happens with pregancy(lactation) and aging. It also gives nice definition in the arms and helps with tension throught the shoulders too. Women's upper bodies are largely neglected. Put on some spicey music and go for it! I do this only a couple times a week for 45 minutes(to a Dvd) and it's always done wonders. I'm 37,normal weight and have had two kids. PJ

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QUESTION: how do you get rid of that fat that shows thru the back of your shirt from where your bra fits?

ANSWER: seems quite simple to me - stop wearing a bra.

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We all get this problem eventually. I'm only 103 pounds but I battled that problem for years ( I'm 49). I dieted and exercized constantly. What finally helped was "clean eating". Whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, lean meat, water. No junk! You may eat only 1500 calories a day, but your body will look totally different with 1500 calories of junk than it will with 1500 calories of clean eating. With my regular workouts and clean eating, my bra bulge was gone in a few weeks. Now I'm aiming to get rid of the love handles! Eating right is the key!

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Any excercise will work if you don't increase your caloric intake. The more calories you burn in excess of what you intake, the faster your goal will be achieved.

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Quote: "I have a product that is due out SPRING 2007 that will solve this back fat problem. Visit to find out more....Staci"

That will hide it, not fix it. Nor will it make the OP any healthier or confer most of the benefits which come from being healthier like increased strength, flexibility, and energy; all of which WOULD happen if she trimmed down to a more healthy weight and/or body fat percentage throught a program of better eating and more excercise.

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smiley_1 is right on. A PROPER diet + regular exercise (an active lifestyle in general) is the key. Since I took up cycling earlier this year, the visible fat loss has been faster then when I was just walking. Long endurance rides (2 to 2-1/2 hours) at a moderate intensity are great for fat burning, in my experience.

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Try the unbelievabra. It has really helped me get rid of unwanted back fat. I work out all the time and I am a small girl but when I wear tight shirts my back fat always shows. Now that I am wearing the unbelievabra I can wear the tightest shirt with no back fat. I feel extremely supported and comfortable.

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So I'm having this issue, except I've been on a weight loss program for over 6 months. I've lost 40 pounds. I began at 324 and I'm currently at 284. I've lost inches everywhere, except I feel the area below my bra on my sides is still plump with as much fat as before. I'm beginning to look disproportional as my mid section is still large and my lower and upper sections are shrinking. It also looks and feels like the part of the roll that isn't "rolling out" seems like attached in. Like how fat usually is pretty moveable, this feels more stable.

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No that one lady who was taking about herbal life right I'm 21 years old and always been big I use to weigh 315 I been doing herbal life for a while it really works if u do it right ive got down to 270 I'm still doing my Shakes and stuff but I luv It idk people have other opinions but that's mine just saying

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im way late for this but if someone finds this by looking on google like i did i hope this is helpful i am 25 an weight 238 im not trying to advertize a dit pill or any thing just want to share my experiance i am on the generic form of adapex an it has help alot i was 250 i lost 6 pounds in 7 days my problem is not eating people often say oh push away from the table but thats not my reason for being over weight i just eat at the wrong times an i have no energy for excrise because lets face it if ur at my wight walking up the stairs is a chore its tireing but with adapex it has made everything so much easier it makes u have engery so u can work out its RX only diet pill if ur on medicade it does not pay for it but the generic is $30 an the adapex is $50 a month now take in mind u can lose weight with it an not exceerise but i would not recomend it for people like me cause we have to tone the fat an if you do go get on it make sure u drink alot of water i cant drink soda or tea or anything on it i crave water an i think that helps alot i feel dydrated if i dont sooo good luck to anyone that reads this I hope if you do try it u get the same results as i am!!!! =)

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All you need to do to lose weight is : 1) stop eating anything with sugar 2) stop eating processed food ( if you want to call it food), and that means skip the white flour, drink only water & a lot of water, and walk. You don't need fancy equipment to walk, just a pair of comfortable shoes. Start with a 10-15 minute walk and build your time so you don't get hurt. You can add time and speed as you go. Remember , your weight gain was slow, the loss will be too.
And if you can, find a walking buddy. One who will hold you accountable.
And it wouldn't hurt to write down everything you eat so you will know how many calories you actually consume. You have to keep your calorie count reasonable but if you skip sugar and processed food, this will be easier than you think. Good luck!

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