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lunchlady1948August 14, 2006

LOL!! I loved your BLOG Ruthie!!! Your are doing fantastic!

My vacation was great~~very tiring with the traffic on the drive home and walking all over San Francisco. We got home on Thursday early evening and were up and out by 9am on Friday to go spend the day with my older DD. By Sat morning I was pooped out and needed a vacation from my vaction~~so I vegged on the couch reading and watching tv for the next two days doing very little else:)

I am now back together:) I have gotten back on my diet:) This is my last week of summer vacation I will be back to the grind with meetings and opening my kitchen next week:( POOHIE!! Really I am ready for it and it will really help me get back on the WW's program~~~vacationing really isn't in the program:)

It was wonderful meeting WildChild my DD and I were sad that we did not have more time to spend with her, she is so funny and had very interesting stories! Really lives up to her name:) We got a pic of her and I which I am sure neigher of us like, I will have to see about having my DD put it on here since I can not do that!

Ruthie you are doing so well with your exercising, I have to get with it! The heat really has zapped all of my energy:( I am without my van right now so I will not be going to CURVES yet:(

WC I know you are lurking:)

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Hi LunchLady....welcome back....I was beginning to feel like I was in the twilight zone....I am doing freat but the darn weight is not coming off now...I was back at 152 this morning...I really am going to do a calorie crunch for a couple of days...maybe I'll fast and see what happens...I so want to get down into the 140's...heck 149 would be so wonderful....I should have tons of extra points so I can't be over eating.....

I'm doing a lot of sewing for Barbie these days...maybe I'll get back to selling on ebay or maybe just locally...I had so much fun doing ebay....keeps me busy and entertained too...

Going to the gym today and will work with the treadmill and the machines today. My DH hasn't been feeling well so he has missed the last couple of workouts...I think he is having a little gastritis or something of that nature..He is like me a piggy sometimes when it comes to food and I think he overdid it on something...

I gotta go and get busy...the housekeeper comes today and I like to have the sheets changed and the dishwasher emptied etc before she gets here...she will do all the things that I do before she arrives except I prefer to have her doing hard stuff or stuff that I have difficulty doing or that I hate to do ...like cleaning the shower or running the vac etc etc...

Have a great week everyone and do your best to stick to plan...

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Good morning. Ruthie you are doing good. Even if you are not losing you are not gaining:)I just jumped on the ole funky scale we have here at the house and I seem to be right at my goal weight~~I had been 4 pounds less but with so much vacationing being at goal is great! I get my van back today so tomorrow I will zip to CURVES for a much needed work out and weigh myself. I do not have to weigh in at WW's til the end of the month:) YAHOO!! If I am over my goal that gives me time to lose it.

We walked everywhere we went on vacation I think that is what helped me stay at goal~~~but since I have been home it has been an eating feast! I just have sitting here thinking of all I have to do to get ready for the opening of school and eating:(

HEY!!! WC where are you????

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I went to the gym as I planned and I did the treadmill and stayed away from the machines...resting those muscles but I did stay on the treadmill longer than I normally would have...I felt pretty good about my workout....I am not too worried about the weight thing all though I beech and moan about it...but everyone is noticing the weight loss now so something is happening...I want 149 though so bad...not tomorrow I am sure but maybe by the end of the week...I hope ..I hope....I hope...

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Ok new day here and I was at 150 this morning...who knows...maybe 149 is right around the corner...going to the gym and do treadmill and machines today...I really love going to the gym and I know it is doing me lots of good...Hope to have a good eating day today...Husband has not been feeling too well so I have not been cooking like I normally would...do you think that might have something to do with it...will post again later just wanted to say Good Morning Ladies...get your buns out of bed and get ready to exercise...

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Hello everyone. I have just been busy busy busy these past few days.

Glad you got home safely Lunchlady and I was so happy we got to meet. Your DD is a real sweetheart and I only wish we had more time. I do understand how difficult it is to work around competitive schedules. Glad you got to relax and have some fun in San Francisco. How was the hostel?

ACK!Pictures. I do not photograph well at all. I told you there are no planes to my face in pics and I come out like a one dimensional blob. You on the other hand have cheekbones.LOL Live up to my name...huh?

I went to Bay Meadows (race track) with the Red Hats on Sunday. Ran up and down stairs to the paddock all day so I got some exercise in. I love going to the paddock and choosing my horse in person. I don't bet much and frequently choose without wagering at all. I just love to see them all ready to go and how wonderfully fit they are. Inspires me tee-hee. I was so tired at the end of the day I don't know how I drove home. Had trouble sleeping the night before and only got a couple of hours in. When I got home I crashed at 8:30 and slept 13 hours straight.

Ruthie you are doing so well. I know you will get to the forties at any time now.Going to the gym will definately help keep it off too. Maybe you are not losing as quickly as you'd like because you are building muscle. Important to use the tape measure more than the scale if that's the case.

I am semi back on program but not as well as I'd like to be. I need to drink more water for one thing. Seems like I do one part really well and slack on another part. At least I am holding steady. Now that my calf is all healed I will start walking again. The weather is perfect.

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Good Morning Ladies

I am hoping to get my van back today~~rumor has, it is ready! But we went there yestetrday and the battery was dead~dead, they could not get it to charge HMMM seems it had an electrical problem. We took it in to get the bumper redone from a fender bender how did that involve electrical??? I WANT MY VAN boo hoo:( I need to go CostCo shopping and CURVES!

I am having a horrible time getting back on the program. Last night was my quilt guild meeting, eating dinner out (salad). Sneaked a couple of cookies at the meeting and then we went for dessert after, I split it with my GF but still I usually would not do that!

Going back to work will be the bst for me, I know I will get back on program that way:)

WC your Red Hat group sounds fun, I may hunt for one here. But maybe not I want to try to get into Yoga. I can only do one new thing at a time:) Now we see the weater is cooler in your area.

The hostel was OK, 12 women to a tiny room in bunk beds. It was like Girl Scout camping. I had a bottom bunk luckily by a window, if I could not get some fresh air I knew I would have to go to a hotel. It was fun to met alot of different folks from around the world. Some people were there from the swim meet. A 76 year old man from Wales that swam 4-5 events one being a 400 meter IM and a 200 meter breast stroke. My DD did not even tell him the short meter swims she did and almost did not make it out of the pool. LOL!!

Shopping there was wonderful, but it was in the 80's and we were too hot:( Now it is in the 60's there. DANG

Ruthie you are doing great, I wish I could get my butt out and exercise half as much as you do. When I get back to work I have hustling for 4 hours everyday so that will help me maintain my weight and I will get back to only eating my healthy lunches

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YAHOO!!! Got my van back and went to CURVES~~~I still weigh 2 pounds below my goal:) I just need to stop eating so much:(

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Well Ladies...I did it...I weighed in this am at 149.8...Granted it isn't much into the 140's but it is there...I'll have to be very careful today or I will be back in the 150's tomorrow...I have an appointment for a perm this morning so I think I will go to the gym before I go to the beauty shop...I can just do the treadmill so I won't be too hot and stinky...otherwise I am afraid I might not make the gym today...

I will have to eat super good too but I am excited about my hitting 194....

I really really would like to find or form a red hat ladies club...I think a group that sews for dolls among other things would be nice...

Go Ladies...

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YAHOO!!! For you Ruthie, I know I was very excited when I got below 150~~in fact that was my real goal if I stayed at 149 I was OK:)

I will be at CURVES again today~~I have so far started the day off right eating my fake eggs and a fresh mango YUMMERS!

I am going to go online today and see what Red Hat groups are in my area~~~the one WC is in is very active and very large I will look for one like that:)

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Well thank you very much Mrs LLady and I'll take another one please. I was positive that I would get up this morning and be back at 150 again ...not because I ate bad or anything, but that's just the way it has been for two or three weeks...well holy smoke....I was actually down to 148.so I am really really feeling good about it and even more encouraged to keep it moving down...you can bet I will be hitting the gym today and also eating good....

I know that there are several red hat groups around here...I should get myself into doing that too...

Weekend is coming so eat well and have a great weekend.

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WOW!! This is great you are over the hump!!

I went online and put in my city,state and Red Hat Society and came up with 27 groups in my area. Over half are taking no new members. Four of them had websites so I lurked at them~~I found one that has two ladies from my quilt guild in it, one is even he Queen (what is that??) In fact I went to her 60th b-day party a few months ago and always sit with her at the guild meetings. Maybe if I chat with her they may consider letting me in:) BUT with so many how do you find one that is a good fit?? I would hate to join one and find out later I do not get along so well with the gals:(

WC how do you choose a RHatter group????

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I checked our area and it is the same...8 or 10 groups and all but one are taking new members...so how do you find a group that you will fit into...I wonder if you can just visit with each of them until you find a match...I'd like to do that but it would be nice to know you and the others were somewhat compatible..

I'm hungry...I've already had lunch and I don't fel like going to the gym...I feel like I am coming down with something...you know achy and feverish all though I don't have any fever...I would love to go in the kitchen and eat but 148 keeps ringing in my ear....Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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AWWW Ruthie it sounds like you are getting a cold.

I think you can meet the RHatters at one of their luncheons and check them out~~when I read online they talked about visitors. They would also be checking us out HUH???

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OK new day...I feel a little better this morning, hope it lasts cause I didn't feel too bad when I woke up yesterday just as the day progressed...I weighed in this morning thinking I would be up and I am still at 148 but down by 6/10's of a pound...that's the good news...LOL...I love that my scale measures by 10ths...keeps me motivated.

I'm spending my time sewing for Barbie but plan on doing the gym today if I feel like it. I hate to skip today because they are closed tomorrow ...well I might have to work out on our equipment...

Have a great weekend Ladies and keep on working the plans...

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I am reading a good book today and when I do that I get nothing else done. I had to do some cothes shopping for going back to work. I wear capri pants and tees~~I only buy cheap tees, I throw them out at the end of each school year and since I lost weight my pants are way too baggy. I did well sale wise at KOHL's and I bought size 10's:) They are stretch so that helped LOL!

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wooohoo size 10....I'm wearing 12's and they are feeling a little baggy...look out I'm headed to a 10 too...I'll be content with size 10...Still feeling a little pukey...My DH was sick last week with a stomach virus thing and I suspect that I have the same stuff...don't know what the day will hold but I doubt I will make it to the gym...

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