Nagging groin injury

Anna_ZJanuary 27, 2003

Is there any machine that would be less stressful on a sore muscle in the groin area than 30-45 minutes of cardio on a Nordic Track? Swimming is out of the question, and has to be able to be done "in home". A Nordic Track is all we have, and have not had the opportunity to try anything else, as in Gazelle or treadmill.

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How about rest, hot packs, gentle stretching exercise, and some pain killers until the muscle is healed.

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One thing you should do is to lay off the exercises until it heals. Then gradually start over and DON"T do so much as to reinjure the muscle or tendon. It will never stop hurting as long as it is repeatedly reinjured. Excercise is great, but injuring yourself is not a smart thing to do.

Also, you have to remember that there is the chance that it is a hernia that becomes more and more irritated as you exercise. It might be to your advantage to have it checked and the possibility of a hernia ruled out. The groin is a common place for a hernia.

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My DH has periodic groin pain. Could that be a hernia or would it be sore all the time if it is a hernia? Would anything be visible from just looking at it or could we feel something underneath to indicate a hernia? He thinks that he just strained a muscle, but it has reoccured a couple of times in the past couple of months. It lasts a few days and then it is gone.

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Lulie -
Either he is re-injuring it (quite likely) or he has a hernia (also quite likely).

He needs to be examined by a doctor who can spot a hernia - they only get worse over time, and harder to fix.

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