Anyone still doing The Firm videos?

jen823January 14, 2004

Hi Everyone,

I just started working out with The Firm Fanny Lifter videos. I really like it and was wondering if anyone has some advice on it.



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I am still doing them. I haven't lost any weight, but I did lose 2% body fat, according to my home scale. I am also not doing a diet regiment. I really like doing them though, and I can definitly feel muscle under my skin. I have recently upped to the 10lb dumbells for heavy.

I was doing them 5 days, but we just got a Crossbow, so I alternate days with that, sometimes doing 3 a week and sometimes 2. I may go back to 4 of 5 a week of The Firm plus the Crossbow, once I get really strong, and see if that will accelerate any wight loss. Dieting just doesn't work for me.

Have you joined The Firm believers message board? I would if it was free, but I was wondering if it was worth the 10$ a month.

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Hi Angep,

I haven't joined the Firm Message board. I don't think I would use it much, but I can see where it would be helpful. I did the body sculpt last nite and told my DH that I thought I would be a beginner forever. It's tough. I need to lose about 50 lbs. I had a baby in September and need to get rid of that extra weight. I know between the firm tapes and Sommersizing, I will get the weight off. Patience is not my best virtue though. LOL!

If you have any tips, I would love to hear them.


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For tips, I would say, just keep increasing the weights. We lack the hormones to get big and bulky, so we can't be afraid of the weights. I would suggest adding a few tapes in here and there, when money permits. I got the whole BSS2 from QVC, but bought a 3 pack of BSS1 off ebay. That way I have 6 different workouts, so it doesn't get boring.

I was supposed to do Cardio sculpt last night, but DVD player wasn't working, so I will do that today, and Total scuplt tomorrow. Next month sometime, the new BSS3 is coming out. It's got 4 new workouts, including a yoga one, but it has a new step, so I may hold off on that.

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Yup, still use the Firm tapes every couple of days, but I like the older tapes and hardly ever use the new ones. The old ones are amazing.

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