larkspur_growJanuary 31, 2010

I've been reading about rebounders,I have one but it was bought from London Drugs, only paid 65.00 for it and it doesnt seem to have enough bounce. The Needak ones and theres another brand,Reboundair that are supposed to be better and have one that says its soft bounce. They are a fair bit of money but I wonder if they are worth it. Does anyone on this forum know anything about them? They are supposed to be great for exercising. Thanks

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I bought a reboundair, the half fold one for 225. Previously I had the walmart one for $30.00. I started doing rebouning because I am getting varicose veins and jogging seemed to make it worse and my legs would throb. I have no such problems with the rebounder. I also bought the dvd that came with it. The woman in it is rather annyoying. My suggestion is to do the DVD a few times (its about 30 minutes) and then were an Ipod and turn the sound down.

I was firmer than the Walmart one and I would recommend it if you plan on using it often.
The other benefit is that my kids like to jump on it when they play WII.

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Hi again, can you tell me what brand you bought and where you bought it? Thanks

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I own the Urban rebounder, from HSN. Had it over a year...just started using it to build myself up to doing the Insanity workout. This bounder is sturdy, even though I am a beginner I don't use the stabilizer bar and I feel secure on it. I can only bounce for a minute right thighs get tired and one knee starts to I complete the whole workout by stepping in place on the bounder. I am over 50, and the knee pain worried me at first...made me think I should not bound. But I found the next day my knee did not hurt as much going up I am hoping that my knee pain lessens as my thighs get stronger.

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