Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 8/16/09

harold14370August 16, 2009


The summary from last week's weigh-in are as follows:

Harold - Weight 206, lost 1, total lost 69

Silver - DNWI

Eklektos - Weight 138, lost 0.5, total lost 14

Jasmi - Weight 134, lost 0.6, total lost 14

Betty - Weight 163, gained 4, total lost 17

Helen - Weight 157.6, lost 2, total lost 42.4

Ivamae - Weight 179, lost 1, total lost 13

My results for this week:

Weight 204, lost 2, total lost 71

Average Calories - Food 2020, Exercise 286

Wow, calories are creeping up, but that is skewed somewhat by yesterday's family reunion, where I figured somewhere around 3000 calories. Not too bad, could have been worse.

As promised, here are the pictures.

This is from a year ago, weight about 275. Ugh.

This is how I look now, 70 lbs lighter. Still need to lose between 25 and 30.

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Glad to see the pics.

All the best


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Good Morning,

Harold, WOW! What a difference! The first pic is smaller, so it is hard to see your face clearly, but it really looks like 2 different guys. Aren't you proud of yourself? I'm sure proud of you. You've worked really hard and are slowly but surely getting it done. MY HERO!! Ever since I found you here you've been an inspiration to me and you've consistently set a good example for us to follow.
Thanks for sharing your pics with us. I will try to dig out some pics to share, too.


Now, I have something funny to share with y'all. As y'all know I posted a 4 pound gain last week.

The first thing I have to say about that is... I'm NOT a morning person. Even if I wake up early on my own, I'm not really awake and functioning for an hour or so. My eyes especially have to have a while to decide they want to see as well as usual. (Which isn't the best. Need new glasses.)

Even though my official weigh-in day is Tuesday, I woke up early today and decided to just check things out to see how bad the numbers were. So, I pulled the scales out of their little corner into the light and got ready to step on them. I looked down and someone had fiddled with the little dial thingy and it was set at 4 pounds before I even got on it!! I have grandkids, ya know!!

Y'all know what that means! YEP! I always keep it set at 1 pound because I like knowing that I'm really a pound lighter than my scales say. It helps when I go to the Dr. and get on those scales which always say I weigh more than mine say.

So, obviously I had gotten on the scales last week half asleep, not paying attention to what they were set at before I got on! WOO HOO!!! So, even though I had a bad week and wasn't a very good girl, my official numbers will be much better tomorrow! Doing the happy dance now! :)

I was so surprised that I've weighed 3 times this morning to make sure I'm not imagining things!

See ya tomorrow. Have a great day,

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Hello everyone!
Harold, what a difference!!! WOW!
I need to post my pictures.

I'm still bouncing between 130 and 135. Still happy, but want to work on target areas.

Been doing a lot, moving offices for work, doing a lot of work on the house, two funerals, etc. It's been busy!!!

Glad to see everyone succeeding. I found some tostadas in the grocery, baked, with 50 calories each. WOW! it really is nice to be able to eat two, instead of just one tortilla at 100cals.

best wishes to everyone this week!!!

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What other snacks do you find? I'd like something mid morning and mid afternoon.

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Good Morning,

I'm still enjoying Harold's pics. It's so wonderful to have proof of all your hard work.

After my scale adjustment fiasco my weight this morning is:

158 pounds

Have a great day,

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Great photos Harold. Wow, that is a huge difference. And what a nice looking fellow you are too. I am proud of you and your accomplishments.

I hae not a tiny itty bit of change this week. I weigh exactly the same as last week. Pooh !!!

Oh well, another week.. and no gain. lol


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Thanks, ladies.

I posted those pics on my home computer which has a crappy old monitor. Then I took a look at them at work on a bigger newer screen. I think I looked better a little bit blurry, LOL.

Betty, that must have been a relief. I knocked my scale out of zero once too, and it gave me a bit of a start until I figured out what happened. Congrats on the 1 lb loss from the previous week.

Ivamae, for snacks I like nuts, like almonds, pecans, or walnuts. They have quite a bit of calories so you can't eat too many, but they are nutritious and satisfy your hunger. They have the omega-3 oils that are good for your heart. Strawberries are good, too, with lots of vitamins and not too many calories. String cheese made from part skim milk is another idea, good for the calcium.

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Thanks Herold. All of them are good.

I'll weigh again to-morrow. I hope I will have lost another pound. Time will tell.


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Hi Harold

Nice to see your before and after pictures. You are definitely a motivation for all of us. I see how much your mid section has changed.You look much younger and healthier now. Thanks for posting your pictures.

My weight yesterday was 133.6. Thats a 0.4 pound less than last week. I am kinda stuck in the lower 130s from past few weeks. Time to do something different to break this plateau.

Silver,Thought I am ~134, I dont feel good about my weight. I feel I am still looking fat which I am in a way. My thighs are the areas which needs lot of toning. If I could get to lower 120s I may actually feel comfortable with my weight. I am happy that you are comfortable with your weight rt now. I think you did more work outs than me and hence more toned though we both are almost at the same weights.

Ivamae, there are so many snacks in the isle which are fat free or low card and are just 100 calories. But I think all these processed , ready made snacks are not part of healthy life style. The closer we are to the unprocessed foods, the more healthier we are. I also noticed I could keep my weight off when I was snacking on strawberries, blue berries and oranges.
Betty and Helen , congrats on your weights.

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My weight this mornng is 178.

I've lost 1 pound this last week


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Harold, would you have any idea how many calories would be in, for example, 2 half walnut meats - 1 whole walnut?

I haven't managed to find that out.


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There are about 26 calories in 1 English walnut, at 185 calories per ounce, 14 halves in an ounce.

When I eat nuts, I generally limit it to an ounce at a time.

Congrats on the pound lost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walnut calories

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Thanks Harold. I thought it might be a lot more than that. I've saved the list you gave the link for.

Thanks again. I appreciate all the help so very much.

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