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frontNovember 21, 2006

I bought a Belkin USB Hub, and I am having trouble getting it to be recognized. I am running Windows XP. Is there anything I can try? I tried different ports and it still doesn't recognize it. It is coming up as an unknown device.

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Is it a powered or non-powered hub? I'm assuming you have plugged it into a different USB port on your computer; if not, you should try that. Have you tried a different USB cable? Have you tried Start/Control Panel/Add Hardware?

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Yeah, I tried different usb locations. I don't have another cable, but my computer does see that something is plugged in. It just doesn't recognize it. It gives a generic message that says one of your usb connection has failed, and when I pull up the troubleshoot menu, it shows as unknown.

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Hmmm... Can you plug something else USB (printer, digicam, CD-burner, etc.) into that same USB slot and see if it's recognized properly? Did the hub come with any software from the manufacturer and have you checked the manufacturer's Web site for a driver?

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Forgot to answer one of the other questions. It is a powered hub. I can plug my flash drive directly into the usb and it see it fine. It just doesn't see the hub. It didn't come with any software or drivers. I called tech support and the said to plug it directly into the wall and not the surge protector. I had to uninstall the unknown device and unplug/plug the usb cable back in. My computer recognized it as a "generic hub." Now, I'm back at square one. It appears to be an intermittent problem.

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"Generic hub" isn't bad. "Intermittent problem" is not fun, but the fix is simple (just a pain). So long as it's recognized as a hub, you should be fine.

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I decided to take back the hub and exchange it with a new one. It has been working great so far (cross fingers) :)

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