Wedding Shower for over 80 Years Old

sue43March 13, 2003

Help, suggestions for gifts,an 80 year old wedding shower!!!! This is her second marriage, the first lasted over 50 years. Any games, gifts, etc, etc, need HELP!!!!!

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This is just my opinion, but if the bride is over 80 years old why not try a tasteful get together. Nothing a blushing new bride would find humerous. Maybe something like a simple tea. A high tea with small sandwiches and, well, tea.

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I agree with DolceMia. An elegant afternoon tea, with small sandwiches, petits fours etc would probably be enjoyed more by the guest of honour.

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The tea is a great idea! Do you have any fancy linens that could be used, or any china?

How wonderful for you to do this for her! :)

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Yes, what a nice gesture! The tea is a wonderful idea and I agree that everything should be very tasteful.

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Renée here, I just dropped by this forum for the first time.

I love the proper tea idea.

Are there children or grandchildren who could provide earlier photos of the bride-to-be that could be color copied and used as centerpieces?

Gift ideas:
I'm assuming that the couple is in relatively robust health, so gifts could be something the bride and groom could enjoy together such as dinner out, movie or concert tickets.

A handmade book of Gift certificates for "friendly service", ie helping to unpack (merging households?), shopping in bad weather, errands of all kinds.

Lovely photo album and offer to help putting album together.

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I agree with the above suggestions. I would probably skip the games since there will be other older women (i.e. her friends) there who have seen and played them all a million times by now. Otherwise, pick just one that doesn't require a lot of physical coordination or excellent memory, cause embarrassment, or seem too youthful (you want the older guests to feel comfortable and not frustrated with any limitations they might have). I'm not trying to suggest that all older people experience these limitations, but many do so it would be thoughtful to consider their needs and preferences. My mom is in her early 70s and in good health but is starting to feel frustrated by things that required too much of a mental challenge, so that's why I thought of this.

In my opinion, the emphasis of the shower should be a celebration of her new life and new marriage, rather than showering her with lots of gifts as if to start a new home. At her age, the accumulation of lots of stuff may be overwhelming. The gift certificates are a great idea. Or perhaps a pair of nice pillow cases, or new towels to replace old ones... new kitchen towels and potholders... things that wear out and are often replaced through the years would be nice.

I love the idea of a tea with sandwiches and nice china.

Have some nice classical music playing in the background at a low volume.

A pretty floral centerpiece in her favorite colors and simple decorations would be taseful for this occasion.

If you want to give a favor to each guest, a vanilla candle wrapped in tulle or another neutral scent would be suitable for almost everyone. Or a tiny vase. I saw some very small vases last night at Target for just a couple of dollars; they were near the frames section and were all shapes and sizes. The small ones were a couple of inches tall. You could tie a small ribbon around the neck in a color that matches the other colors or her wedding colors.

Best wishes for a lovely party!


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