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rdssoJanuary 16, 2006

I am looking to buy a treadmill. I walk almost everyday about 20 minutes or more but I have just gotten to the point I just do not feel comfortable walking alone anymore. We live in a small town no crime but I guess I am getting older and don't feel I can move as fast as I used to. I have ask people to walk with me and that lasts a couple weeks and then they don't want to anymore. They just don't have time. Neither do I but I make time!!! I have tried out several treadmills in the stores and I don't know what is best. I know that I walk at a pretty fast pace and started even jogging about a year ago so I want one you can jog on if I want to. Any suggestions or tips would be helpful.

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Try doing a google search on treadmill reviews such as, Consumer Guide and Consumer Report (CR).

CR did a review of treadmills in their Jan.2005 issue. See if you can find that at the library. Below is a few lines from this report:
"Malfunctions occurred mainly in lower-priced machines and among models whose brands are made by Icon Health & Fitness, including those from NordicTrack, Proform, and Reebok. We've found in recent treadmill tests that you have to spend well over $2000 to get a machine designed for runners, though lower priced models are fine for walkers."
Rated at the top were Lantis L7 series, True 400HRC, Precor M, Horizon Fitness Elite, Life Fitness T3.1 and essential FT6, Vision Fitness T9200, Nautilus NTR 500, and Schwinn 820p.
Try doing a search on these models for a start. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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There are lots of reviews at Treadmill Doctor plus information about what to look for when shopping for one.... and a lot more.

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You don't really need to spend $2,000. At least not yet anyway. My philosophy is to find a moderately priced treadmill and then see if you can wear it out. If you can, then you deserve the more expensive version. If you can't, you've saved yourself a bundle of money. I don't like to buy junk, but I don't like to spend top dollar on something that I may not really use as much as I might think or hope.

I have a Weslo Cadence that I bought about 6 years ago for around $500. It is still working fine. I used it a lot originally, and then it collected dust for quite awhile. For the last three months or so I have been on it about 5 days a week.

One more thing (tongue in cheek) - Treadmills are not like exercise bikes. It is really hard to hang clothes on them when you stop using them.

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Not sure if you're still interested in this post.

Have had one for the last 5 years from Sears. ProForm. Awesome. Use it 4x week - no problems ever (just jinxed).

Look for large belt size. You don't want to have to restrict your normal walking pattern too much.

Don't need to spend $2K to get a good workout.

I love the incline and preprogrammed workouts it has.

Just put on music or a TV to keep you occupied and have a blast!

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We have a Landice L8 treadmill that's built like a tank. It cost over $2K, but it takes abuse from 3 family members daily, and has done so with no problems after 5 years. In fact, it's rated to carry a 500 lb. person at a 15% incline at 12 MPH (which I'd pay good money to see!)

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My husband just bought a used Weslo Cadence 885 model treadmill. I cannot find anything online about this model. Does anyone have any information on this particular model?

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After a lot of shopping (and thinking), we bought a Sole F83. They make excellent machines and are highly rated in the reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sole Treadmills

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I have a motorized treadmill under my desk at home. i can work on my computer without distraction at 2 mph.

I want to do this at work with a manual treadmill... but can you easily walk and read or do anything else or is it too much effort because it is manual?

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I have a 9 year old Nordic Trac EXP1000S which has started making a sound which I thought was a straining motor. I removed the cover, and found it to be the choke that was making the noise. It's labeled 109365. The motor controller board troubleshooting LED's are normal, as per the voltage diagram page I found under the cover. Is this humming sound something I can ignore, is it a part about to fail, could another part be causing it to hum.... what should I do? Thanks.

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Treadmills are not like exercise bikes. It is really hard to hang clothes on them when you stop using them.

Actually, I have no problem with this. I find you can hang bath towels, robes and even hangers on them just fine.

That said, one thing that would be important to me if could buy mine again is QUIET!!

I have to up my TV to the highest pitch to hear it over the treadmill.

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I have an old (maybe 6 years old?) treadmill - Weslo Cadence DX12 model# wltl31092. it has electric incline, but no rating system (ie 0-12%). I have it inclined all the way, but it doesn't feel like much. I called the manufacturer to find out what the maximum percent was, but they said they don't have those specs for that model. Can anyone tell me what an average older treadmill with electric incline might have? thanks, michelle

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