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lunchlady1948August 2, 2006

I am making it odd days again, since I will be gone again:) Lucky me eh??

I am off to CURVES today I need it!! I will weigh in and let you know how that went:( I did not do good eating out with my pals last night~~we went for Mexican I am not sure why they all love it so much and it is the worst for me:( We got two big appy plates to share, by doing that we could get dessert:( Just what I needed??? We were getting together because my one pal's mom had died Friday and they are doing no service so this was our way of getting together and supporting her. So I had to eat ya know, could not be rude :)

Ruthie where are you???

WC I got you e-mail and sent one back:)

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Hi lunchlady. I just read the email. Can't wait to make plans. This will be fun.

Ruthie where are you? Maryann too. Stop in and say hi.

Hate to tell you but we have a lot of GREAT Mexican restaurants up here also. I love Mexican Mariscos (seafood) though.

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Hey Ya'll....sorry I am tardy...you will note that I am up (and dressed) early this morning...headed to the gym...I had stomach problems the flu or virus, who knows and then 10 days worth of company and then my frame of mind has been really bad since my daughter left..so sad to see her go etc...had a big fight with DH which didn't help...LOL but I am up and at it this morning...Only gained two pounds with all that company food...I tried so hard not to eat off plan but wasn't completely successful....so I am back on the plan and headed to the gym...hope you guys are doing really good...I weighed in this morning at 152.4....so ya'll can keep me honest...

ps I am another that can;t turn down mexican food....just love it.....

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Hi Ruthie, Sorry you've had some rough days. Hope you had a good visit with your DD. Two pounds when you're entertaining is pretty darn good in my book.

I will jump back on the wagon along with you. I felt pretty hopeless there for awile and decided to just try not to gain for the 2 weeks I've been disabled. I weighed in today and have put on a pound. Now that I'm healed I will start my diet tracker again and get moving.

Met Lunchlady last night. Her DD has has been swimming in later heats and it's made for some long days for them. We only had time to meet for a drink last night at their hotel bar. LL is looking fantastic and a really nice lady with an equally charming DD. I felt lucky to meet them.

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Made it to the gym today so hope I am back on track...It was nice to get sweaty and feel those muscles working...I worked on the machines for the whole circuit (two reps of 15 on all) and a few added in just for good measure and di the bike and treadmill...Hope to get to exercise class tomorrow morning and need to work on the eating too...I'm doing OK but not bragging about my menus...good to get started back though...

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Haha well I blew that one big time...went to the gym this afternoon late with the husband and after a good solid workout on the treadmill, bile and the machines...I was feeling so good about it and Dear Husband said...Lets get a burger and fries so you don't have to cook...I haven't eaten a burger in weeks and certainly no fries ....so I caved because I was starving....Actually I'm probably Ok on the furger cause I only ate a couple of fries and left the rest for DH and my calorie intake/points for the day should easily accommodate a burger...Thought it funny though that I'd work out so hard and then cave so quick...

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Well well I was down a pound this morning so maybe I didn't ruin it completely...Headed to the gym to get it done...I'm laughing cause I read the previous post and notice that I said furger instead of burger...so appropriate...LOL

Have a great day all...

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So this has become the RuthieG thread and I alone post here and can now call it my personal blog...so this time of year it is hotter than hades in our part of Texas...no one goes outside except back and forth to the air conditioned car...I will be heading out to the gym again today .....if someone would just turn off the danged heat it would help...I haven't lost anymore but I havent been bad with my eating ...my body seems to want to hang at 150 and that's too heavy....

Something really nice happened yesterday...stopped by the local plant shop where one of my neighbors works and she said "Hey girl" and then she said..Oh My God what has happened to the rest of you...you are disappearing...LOL I love it when people notice that I have shed these danged pounds....Makes all the hard work worthwhile..

...Have a good day Ladies...eat well and exercise...I really believe that exercise is the key to successful weight loss.

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So Ruthie did you go to the gym today...yes as a matter of fact...I didn't lose any weight overnight...but.....I didn't gain any either...I did a full workout and add a couple of new machines...For dinner I didn't really feel like cooking but wanted to say on my plan so I made baked potatoes and warmed up left over chopped taco beef and added onions and 2% cheese and it was fabulous...

Tomorrow the gym is closed so I will take the day out or work out here at home...we have plenty of gym equipment so thats no excuse...no treadmill but we do have a gazelle...

I'm staying on plan even though I haven't lost but a pound in about a week...Have a great weekend Ladies and stay POP.

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Hey Ruthie...what kind of day are you having...well super fine dandy terrific ...thanks for asking...I sluffed off no gym work and I ate a huge piece of chocolate cake...that will be showing up on my but or belly tomorrow for sure...all in all I had a good day even if it was a day off...I ate good with the exception of the cake which I baked for company and I took the remainder of the cake and gave it to my neighbor...Mz. Piggy would have eaten it all...It was chocolate cake with walnuts and chocolate frosting with more walnuts...It tasted good too but it is too darned hard to get those pounds off to eat much of that stuff...Have a good night all...eat helthy...

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Nobody asked...so I assume nobody cares but here is the scoop anyway...I am actually down to 150...geez finally..Maybe if I behave myself I'll break into the 140's this week...149 would be like a real stepping stone to goal. It seems like my body is stuck on 150-152 and doesn't want to go any lower ...no matter what I do...or is that an excuse ...maybe I reach that point and my eating isn't what it should be...need to drop a few calories I think....

Eat good...Be well and exercise....exercise....exercise...remember it only helps in the losing of the weight but it helps a lot and the most important thing about it is your choice...when you get to goal you can have a toned and great shape of you can have a smaller version of what you look like now....Heck I'm 67 and was in the worst shape of my life and look at me...I'm doing it and if I can, you surely can. Just do it....Make it fun, not work.

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