Need games for ladies get together, please...

joannevaMarch 11, 2007

I posted this over at the holiday forum, but got no response. The ladies in my church are getting together for a easter cookie exchange party and I need some ideas for games, anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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what about a q/a on easter? an easter egg hunt (i'd use paper cutouts) decorate mini flower pots, make "baskets" for the cookies? (from colored lunch bags)

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Do they know each other pretty well, or are you looking for getting-acquainted games?

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I saw your message at Holidays and was trying to come up with something.
How about bingo with Easter things on the cards, bunnies, eggs, lilies, baskets, chicks, bonnets, etc. or religious references since it is a church. Prizes for the winners
Or since it is a cookie exchange, a variation on the clothspin game payed at showers. Everytime they use the word cookie, or whatever you decide to be the word, they lose one of their two clothespins. Whoever has the most at the end wins a prize. Or it could be a baking quiz..again a prize for the one with the most correct answers.
Hope this helps. Sounds like a fun afternoon.

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Thanks for everyone's response, these are great ideas, I will be sure to use. Everyone knows each other at this get together, so I don't need getting-acquainted games. All input is greatly appreciated.

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I've been trying to come up with some but it seems like nowadays people don't even play games at showers and such anymore. I think some people would prefer to just socialize.

Are you looking for a real game, like Bunko, that everyone is playing the whole time or are you just looking for something little for people to do to liven up the party?

You could always do a little trivia game..if you have prizes...maybe even with some historical questions about your church and religion.

Or, you could also try "the guess the jelly bean flavor" game...if you don't have too many diabetics present. Get a bunch of jellybellies, give everyone the same flavor and have them write in down what they think the flavor is on a paper...the person who guesses the most right is the winner! Obvioulsy, you will have to buy the jelly beans broken up by flavor...but it's sort of funny because some of the flavors are odd like chocolate pudding, jalepano, magarita, toasted marshmellow, etc...and I won't even go into the kid's flavors if you happen upon those.

You could also try the "what is in your purse game". The first person that can bring you the new dollar coin wins a prize...ditto for a stamp, red mint, etc...think the end part of "Let's make a Deal".

Hope you enjoy your get together.

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I have no idea about your church, but every Sunday my church has a social time with coffee and goodies after church in Fellowship hall. This past Sunday the goodies were a baked potato with all the fixins. There was planned some riddles and games having to do with potatoes, but people were so busy chatting it was difficult for the leader to be heard and finally someone asked him to please stop.
I suggest you skip any "games" and just allow conversation. Adults usually doin't need games to keep them busy if they know each other, infact games are often an intrusion to the comraderie.
Linda C

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Make up a blank BINGO card with a picture in the FREE space of a cookie. In place of the letterts BINGO at the top? You could put PARTY.

Down below the card and in 2 or 3 columns-put words that pertain to baking cookies ae:
chocolate chips
Run off as many copies of this as you have attending.
Guests would choose a different word for each square & write in any square. You'd have a bowl of individual papers with each of the words on it. You'd then draw one out & call it. First to get a regular bingo-wins a prize.

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Some games we like to play at get togethers are: Catch Phase and pictionary. Not sure how many people are coming, but if you have more than 5 or 6, you could do the 'guess who the baby is' Have everyone either send you or bring a baby picture. Tape them all up on a wall and label them picture 1, picture 2, etc. Then let everyone fill out a sheet with their guesses of which baby picture belongs to who. I have done this a few times and it is usually pretty funny. It helps to specify an age range for the baby picture, but just go with what you get. Since you are having an Easter-themed party, it might be fun to have them bring an 'Easter baby picture.' Have fun!

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Star defender ( ) is a great game; anyone knows other games in the same style? I am specially interested in high quality remakes after old hits such as Galaga, Space Invaders, etc.... These games are great, and I would like to have as many of them as possible.

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I know this is late, but if anyone looks this up . . . check out the game WHAT'S A DAME TO DO?! We had a lot of fun with this at a brunch I had for my girlfriends. It plays up to 8 but we had 15 so since I didn't have 2 games we took turns reading the cards and everyone had 4 cards in their hands and yelled out their answers. Then the person reading the dilemma decided whose answer was the best and whose was the funniest.

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