What TV do I look for?

sunflower124November 11, 2006

I live in a rural area and have no access to cable. We are strictly antennae TV. We need to purchase a new TV. What do I ask to see? There are so many new terms these days.

Thanks for any help.

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The first thing to make sure you get is a tv that has the HDTV (High Definition TV) tuner built in.

In the next few years the FCC mandate kicks in and the standard analog transmitter you have watched for years will be turned off.

Don't worry, if they haven't already done so, your favorite stations will soon be broadcasting in HDTV.

What size tv picture are you looking for?

The least expensive route is a picture tube tv. Picture sizes are commonly available from 9" to 34". Many tv manufacturers have stopped, or will soon be stopping, the production of tube tv's.

The hot ticket today is a flat panel style. Plasma type are commonly available from 37" to 60" LCD style are commonly available from 13" to 52"

If you want a big picture look at a rear projection type. Picture sizes commonly available from 42" to 70".

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