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lunchlady1948August 21, 2006

Good Morning

I was bad and went shopping again yesterday~~~you will soon figure out I am a shopaholic. I went to visit my mom in the next county and the mall by her house has my fav store J.JILL, do you have it?? They were having a jeans sale. I always promised myself some bootcut/flared jeans if I lost all my weight:) I bought a pair at Nordstroms in San Francisco a brand I had seen on Oprah, 'Not Your Daughter Jeans', they fit wonderful! Petite size 12 and they totally fit around my waist, my problem area. I have a booty and my jeans aways gap in the back. And they are stretch:)But they are $88, but I promised myself so I got them:) At the shop yesterday I bought two pairs a black pair I love them they are not made out of jean material they are so comfortabe and soft also I got a pair of denims. Petite size 10'~~I felt the 12's fit better but gapped in the back the gal talked me into the 10's I told her maybe I am still thinking I am bigger than I am:( These two pair cost me $105 together so I will take the other pair back since they were not on sale and I am a happy camper.

But, I still feel the 10's are not right why do I feel that way? I am taking them to CURVES today and let my pal and the leader at CURVES tell me the truth:)My DD says they are nice but she is 25 and wears her pants tight and very low rise so what does she know. Speaking of low rise that is the biggest problem with jeans is finding some that come to your waist or almost at least. For work I will just get my usual Lee jeans with half elastic:)

Why can't I enjoy my new size I still go for baggy~~~my CURVES pal says it is because we are older and like comfort. I am very comfortable in my new jeans, but I almost feel like I am trying to look young again wearing them so much tighter am I or am I finally starting to wear what fits??? They all fit, I am not squeezing into them, in fact before I lost the weight these are what my elastic waisted Lee jeans used to look on me~~so I wore bigger tees to cover up the tightness:(

On program so far today~~I need to drink more water that is the goal for the day. I cut down on water while vacationing because of not having bathrooms always so close:( So I need to get back on track with water!

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Having a good week so far...right on plan ...not eating too much...not hungry so I am feeling good...missed the gym yesterday so I am heading out in 5 minutes so it won't escape me today...I have this problem of getting involved in something and not putting it down so I was sewing Barbie dresses yesterday and couldn't stop...so for now...I'm headed to the gyn...I'll be sewing later...Have a great day....I'm still at 148 but I'm feeling good about that...

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You are doing great!!! I am off to a day long meeting, it is our annual blah~~blah meeting. They always serve this horribly over cooked Italian food for lunch:( They usually have a salad so I will load up on that and I am taking some fruit with me. For a group that spends hours talking about childrens nutrition you would think they would serve us something more healthy right???

You sound like you are feeling better Ruthie?? That is great, I am hoping to hit CURVEs on my way home, I got a traveler pass so I can go to one I want.

Have a great day.

WC where are you?? Are you feeling OK??

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Hi everyone. I'm fine. Just got busy. My cousin is going to Russia next week and I have been looking through old family pictures for her to take. She met a long lost relative who is doing genealogy on our family and needs pictures for a book she is writing.

Lunchlady, you need to get a grip LOL. I have met you. You are definately a 10. Jeans are supposed to fit. They don't have to be tight but if they are not fit close to the body they make one look like an old lady. You have a booty and slender legs by your own account. Show them off.

Ruthie I read your post on fat shifting. What a wonderful accomplishment to lose all those inches off your waist.

I too found it very difficult to find an open Red Hat chapter. I must of emailed a dozen open chapters before I got a response. I now belong to one huge chapter. Just last night I quit another smaller one since they weren't doing anything fun. Every chapter is different since the Queen sets the pace. I also do a lot of Tea Tramping. Our large chapter gets invites from other chapters to join them on larger events.

When I went to the horse races here was only one other member of my group there amongst the hundred plus Red Hatters attending. Red Hatting is what you make it. Some only meet once a month for lunch or dinner, others are formed around common hobbies or interests and some are open to all.

As for me I have not been working at it but seem to have dropped another 2 pounds. I was so glad I didn't put on weight with that calf thing I had going on and being sedentary. I guess after I started moving normally again my body read it
as exercise which is a good thing.

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WC I am so happy to see you here, I thought we lost you:)
LOL!! You are right I need to get a grip, I have my whole life been told I am fluffy (by my mom) even when I wore a size 8~~~even now she has never remarked about the weight I have lost:( I guess I carry childhood baggage with me about my body image.

I just need to e-mail some of those Red Hat groups and go to a tea or lunch with them and check them out??

I had a meeting all day yesterday, they served lunch (Mexican) and am meeting a pal for Mexican lunch today after we open our kitchens:( DANG!!! What is the deal with all this Mexican food. I really will be glad to get back to work, I know that will make it easier for me to get back on program. Next week I am going into WW's for my monthly weigh in~~~HMMM wonder how that will go???

Good for you WC with the 2 pound weight lose:)

Good Morning Ruthie, are you up and out at the gym???

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Morning all....I didn't make the gym yesterday and felt guilty all day...Makes me accountable for my sins when I go to gym...kinda like church...you pray and hope your transgression don't catch up with you...We'll see what the day brings today...I am engrossed in sorting and re-arranging my sewing room oh and in sewing too...It's Barbie time of year coming up and I need to be ready. ...I weighed in at 148 this morning so I am in a holding pattern but at least it's in the 140's and not 150's....Eat well and hope you guys have a great day ...but stay on plan.

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HI!! Ladies

I was at my kitchen most of the day decorating and getting the new paperwork in order. OH, there was a staff breakfast too~~~first time I have ever gone:)

I made it to CURVES had a good workout. My feet are so tired I am going to go veg next week when school is back in I am going to be really tired so I better rest up.

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Opps.....had a bad day yesterday. I was hungry off and on and last night I kept munching...wasn't happy with myself...Gotta hit the gym hard today...I am going to try to be better today...

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Ruthie I have been having bad days for weeks now:( I think it all started with my vacationing with my DH then with my DD~~I watched what I ate most of the time but when you are on vacation you want to try new things. My weight was OK when I was done vacationing, but I was still eating off program:( I am at my goal weight, but I really want to be a few pounds under it, I feel better there. I do think when I get back to my rgular work schedule and am not laying around the house so much I will get it together. I also will join Yoga in Sept.

If I do not get hold of myself I will have to take my size 10 jeans back~~I have not taken the tags off:( I am BAD and feeling shameful:(

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One day or one meal at a time Ruthie and Lunchlady. If you beat yourself up over every slip you will fall down.

You have both done so well but we all know that losing the weight is the easy part, it's keeping it off that's so very hard.

First we have to let go of the idea that there are bad foods and good foods. If you go into a restaurant and observe the skinny people you will notice that they are eating what they want and enjoying it. The fat person is the one who is sitting there with the green salad and the lemon slices. Why? Because the skinny person allows him or herself to eat eat what they wish and don't make food an issue. They leave that last bit of pie on the plate because they know they can have pie again whenever they want. It's not special so it doesn't haunt them into overeating or lethargy. The fat person will eat his salad and feel empty. Then the fat person will give up and eat a donut. But unlike the skinny person the fat person will not just eat a donut or two. The fat person will eat a whole bag of donuts. In the fat person's mind the donuts are bad so he must eat the evidence. The skinny person doesn't care if the donuts go stale or whatever. He knows there will always be donuts when he wants them. No big deal=less big person.

We need to learn to eat like the skinny people. Enjoy food without overindulging and move more so we burn off the excess calories.

WW allows us to do just that. At least the 3 of us who are regularly visiting here are not on some liquid fast program or crazy diet that will leave us having to leave entire food groups out of our diets for the rest of our lives.

Don't worry about bad days. Look at how you've eaten over the rest of the week. Try to focus as much on what you did right instead of beating yourself up forwhat you did wrong.

LL go tear off those tags and PUT THOSE JEANS ON NOW.
Ruthie go to a mirror and admire your new waistline.

That's Wildchild's motivational sermon for the day. LOL

I am feeling good. Last night was the first time in a couple of weeks I actually slept through the entire night and woke up rested and ready to go.

I've had fruit and two small pancakes for breakfast and I've off to run errands. I promised the beasts they go ride along today since the weather is cool and they'll be OK while I run in andout of places. Only problem is they will want to go through a drive thru for a burger. Yep I buy my dogs a kiddie burger to share for being good. They are natually thin.*sigh*

Tonite DD and I are going to the car races. Enduro figure eight and a demolition derby. YAY

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HEY!!! Wildchild you need to become a WW's leader or at least our leader:)

You are right about it all!!! I think I am just summered out and when I get back on track at work I will feel better.

I am getting ready now to go to a class and learn to make scones LOL!! Oh, and lemon curd:) It is at Piecemakers a wonderful quilt/craft/tea room store, wonderful and it is already decorated for Harvest and Christmas, I can hardly wait. Hopefully the traffic will not be too bad it is about 50 miles there and it is Friday:) I got my kitchen all ready to go and it looked great and I am excited to see all of the kids on Monday:) LOL! The excitement last until maybe Oct:) Then I start counting the days for our breaks.

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Good Morning~~

The scone baking class was fun~~now I can make them. Also the lemon curd that goes with it, they showed us a non cooking way to make it.

This is my last weekend of summer vacation so I am going to just veg and read my book. As if I have not vegged enough this summer.

Ruthie how are you feeling this weekend and what fun things are you doing??

WC are you doing anything fun?? You always seem to have fun stuff to do. Did the 'beast' like their outing and treat???

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