voltage stabiliser with a Time Delay Relay, for frig and freezer

satester2November 28, 2008

We have many power fluctuation's in our area, power goes off for just a seconed, and back on. I would like to protect our new frig, and freezer--and give them some sort of a delay re-start.

I saw the above voltage stabiliser (0.5-.75KVA voltage stabiliser with a Time Delay Relay) mentioned somewhere in a google search--but for the life of me I can not find something along this line anywhere!

I searched on google for 2hrs to no avail, everything mentioned is for overseas applcation.

If this is in the wrong forum, mods please move--thanks!!

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If the power goes out for just a split second, then a good surge protector can help against the voltage spikes that often occur when the power comes back on.

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