which are 'sim card' phones?

ilmbgNovember 1, 2011

I am looking at T-Mobile monthly plans. I have a couple phones that are less than 3 years old- from Alltell/At%T/Cricket. I don't think these are sim card type of phones. What can you tell me please. Also, what about 'gps' tracking- all the controversy about how companies use it?? I would think it is a good thing if a person is missing and usually has his/her phone with them, but hear/read about companies using it in a wrong manner. Just what could someone use it 'in a wrong manner'? I think no matter what kind of phone you have companies #and internet servers# sell info about you. If you are doing nothing wrong, why would anyone care, unless they are selling things like SS#, income, etc. Thanks for the help understanding...

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Unfortunately it's more complicated that just having a SIM card (which would identify a GSM phone). AT&T is GSM but they use different frequencies that T-Mobile does. How that would effect using an old phone on T-Mobile is something you would have to look into.

Cricket is definitely CDMA. Not sure about Alltel.

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Ok, thanks. They did flash my neighbors Verizon-

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Verizon, Spring, Cricket, and other) use a cellular technology called CDMA (vs. GSM of AT&T and T-Mobile). CDMA phones lack a SIM card need to be programmed by the carrier. It may be possible for a carrier to reprogram a CDMA phone from another carrier. It's likely going to depend on the carrier and that specific phone.

Of course, most carriers with give you a free phone or sell you an inexpensive phone with a 2 year contract.

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mike- the 2 year program is exactly what I want to get away from! I am looking at T-Moble prepay- will just have to go look at what phones they have i guess1 thanks

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> Cricket is definitely CDMA. Not sure about Alltel

Alltel is/was CDMA. They were bought out by Verizon Wireless a few years back.

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