Strength training and trainer questions

marie26January 8, 2007

Must I join a gym in order to learn strength training with a trainer? I don't have any equipment at home and don't know if someone can do this at home without equipment. Will a trainer come to my house to teach me if I have no equipment?

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There are two main issues with starting an exercise program. Incorrect posture(injuries happen this way) and pushing too hard,too fast being impatient(same outcome!). Fitness for health doesn't go to the fastest or the strongest.It goes to those who keep on keeping on at a steady,resonable pace. I'd start with a trainer to get help in those 2 very important areas. I'd go with someone I trusted on a gut level as well. I'm sure there are trainers that will come to your house but I've never done that so I don't know what they'd expect or charge. Good luck! PJ

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Actually, I'm a personal trainer that owns my own in-home training business. I use a variety of equipment that I bring to the clients house (stability balls, bowflex adjustable dumbells, flex-tubes, medicine balls etc.) and I've been doing this for the last seven years. (I worked in a gym before that).

In anycase, pjtexgirl is right about starting with a trainer to be assessed for any current muscle imbalances and to learn good form and appropriate training regimes.

I think if you go to websites like or, they both list certified trainers all over the US. That would be a good start to find a certified personal trainer. I don't want to break any rules, so I hope posting this general sites is ok.

Cost depends on your area.

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