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sushipup1November 21, 2011

We have a Samsung BluRay player with internet function, and we hooked it up to our wireless system to watch Netflix movies.

We got the BluRay player at least 2++ years ago, and I suspect that it was one of the first less expensive ones (under $200) that was internet-ready. The player has functioned pretty well as a player, altho we have to remove the disc and reseat it about 20% of the time. The picture will freeze on the FBI warning unless we start over.

So, the Netflix works a little less well. As in, about half the time it doesn't work, it wants us to re-register and re-set-up, etc. So we quit doing the online Netflix because it was a PITA.

Now, I'm think that the problem is a less-than good BluRay player. It works fine (tolerable) for the primary function, tho.

So, would our solution best be 1) get a new BluRay player, or 2) add a Roku box, dedicated to online movies?

Or is there another solution we should look at?

(As I tell my husband, Bill Gates doesn't have to fumble to watch what he wants. Jim is convinced that Gates has an army of house elves that take care of everything for him, and that he couldn't set up a TV system all by himself if he had to.)

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It seems that it very much depends on whether or not you own any or plan on renting BluRay movies again.

Have you updated the software of your BluRay player? Many have the ability to download updates from the manufacturer's website.

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Every time we try to do the software update on the BluRay, it times out or doesn't complete or some other glitch. So, no it hasn't been updated, but only because that function also does not seem to work correctly.

And yes, we want to watch our own dvd's and rent others. But like I said, that function seems to work tolerably well.

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The firmware can usually be updated via an internet connection, a CD-R, or a USB thumb drive.

I have found from testing prototypes, the most reliable firmware upgrades are usually from a USB drive first, CD-R next, and the internet last.

Try going to the mfgs website and downloading the update file (for the appropriate media) and instructions. A two year old BluRay player without a single firmware update is bound to have it's share of problems. Quite a few brand new players need to updated right out of the box.

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Thanks. Jim has his chore for the long weekend. Will report back and see how well it works.

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It looks like the USB drive worked perfectly. Thanks VERY much for the help.

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