Camcorder vs. cassette tapes??

stephmc72November 26, 2006

I currently have an outdated model camcorder that takes mini cassettes. When it was originally purchased, it was considered one of the better models. It's probably 8 or so years old now.

I've seen digital camcorders that record onto memory cards or mini DVD's. I thought they looked pretty neat but I really know nothing about them.

I'm completely camcorder illiterate and just need some help on understanding the true differences and advantages/disadvantages to each, and also what would you recommend?

Anyone care to give it to me in kindergarden terms? LOL

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I really need some advice too! Anyone?

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Digital camcorders still can take cassetes.There is the Hi8 formate and the Mini DV.Both take a tape that have a 1 hour record time.You can then hook the camcorder up to either your computer and down load the tape to your harddrive or to DVD if you have a DVD burner.Or you can hook your camcorder to you TV to watch the video home movies.Or record it to a VCR tape or to DVD with a DVD recorder.That is how I do mine using my Hi8 digital Sony Camcorder hooked to my Pioneer DVD recorder.Makes a DVD that works on all DVD player I record mine to a DVD-R Disk.

I also just purchased a Sony Mini DV camcorder that is much smaller then my Hi8 Sony.Weighs just 15oz with the battery and tape.About the size of a 38mm camera.I also considered a Mini DVD camcorder that records on a mini DVD that will work in most DVD players.But I decided I would want my Home movies on a full sized DVD so I went with the Mini DV.

Most electronics TV'S and DVD recorders and VCR'S have front jacks for connecting so transferring to a different format other then the HI8 and MiniDV tape is easy.Also connecting to a computer with a Fire wire is simple to do.

I feel small compact and light weight is the best feature to consider.If the camcorder is small light weight and easy to use.You will find that you will use it and take it along more often then a bulky camcorder.

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