What type of exercise is easy on the feet? Yogalates?

don_na_naJanuary 28, 2004

I need something to get me in shape that will take the stress off my feet. I am 45 and starting to fall apart it seems (LOL). The Dr. just put me on pills for high blood pressure, but said I get off them if I lost a few lbs. My cholesterol was over 300, so if I don't lower that, it means more meds. The Dr. said walking was best, But it is hard on the bottoms of my feet. What type of exercise would be easy on my already worn out feet? My excess weight is mostly around my middle. I was walking 2 miles about 4 days a week, but since the only time I have to walk is after working a 12 hr shift. This is just too hard on my feet. Especially since I'm on them the whole 12-hr shift.

I found a DVD by Louise Solomon--Yoga & Pilates/The Total Body Toner (also known as Yogalates). Anyone familiar with this? I looked at several pilates videos , but this one has 4 different workouts. I thought this might break it up a bit for me. I have never done Yoga or Pilates though, so I'm not sure if this is a good choice. Anyone ever used this? Would this be too hard for a beginner? Easy on my feet? Your input is appreciated.

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i love yoga but have found it is hard on my feet--i only do postures that do not put me on the balls of my feet. eliptical machines are very low impact for bad feet as is a reclining bike. walking in a pool is excellent and low impact and burns calories and is good cardiovascular...this is what the doc wants me to do but i like the eliptical the best. good luck

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Oh, Gosh Donna, you have my sympathy standing on your feet for 12 hours! You poor thing!

I know a little bit of what you go thru, as I work a 2nd job STANDING at a cash register for hours. It does take it out of you...plus your feet and legs just are sooo tired.

Swimming! Is there a YMCA where you can swim?

Can you get some orthotics to put in some sports shoes to help with the standing so you're feet won't be so tired?
Pad your shoes with those shoe pads...get an arch support...that's what I do.

Good Luck!

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Donna, I have some problems with my feet and last year I got custom orthotics. I LOVE them. They support my arches (I have high arches which were not supported before) and that in turn supports the rest of my body better from the legs up into my back. I wear them every day, all day. They would really help you at work too. I went to a podiatrist who took molds of my feet and had the orthotics made for me from the molds. I cannot believe the difference in how my feet feel -- and my hips and back.

Also, I wear very sturdy, shock-absorbant athletic shoes every day. New Balance is an excellent brand, very supportive and they are recommended for problem feet. I wear one of their best runner's shoes simply because they are very padded (for runners).

So, shock-absorbant shoes and orthotics is my recommendation.

I hope you will be feeling better soon.


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I am very overweight too. Around thanksgiving I joined an athletic club here and they introduced me to the stability ball. You can get one in the fitness equipment section of walamrt for about $14. It will be in a little box on a shelf by hand weights, yoga mats, etc. I got an 85 cm round one. And I just love it!! You can do just about anything on it. It comes with the pump to air it up and it comes with a poster of exercises.

The athletic club offers an aerobics class using the ball for a full hour's workout. The poster you get doesn't cover nearly as many exercises that our class covers. We work out for one hour and use all our muscles. When I get out of class, my whole body is trembling from the exertion, but I feel great! I've lost almost 20 inches since Nov.

The ball is so comfortable that I use it as an office chair. I'm sitting on it right now as I type instead of the lumbar executive chair I have that makes my legs numb. I also sit on the ball while watching tv. I can do "sitting jumping jacks" on it while watching tv as well as stretching, lifting weights, etc. If you lived closer, I could show you what we do in our class. You might check at walmart. I think they have a DVD that goes along with the stability ball. It's GREAT. Low impact, you're off your feet, and remember that ANY movement you do is building muscles and burning calories. I think once you get used to using the ball (after acquiring your balance), you'll find it is wonderful. I never miss our stability ball classes. They're my favorite.


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I have a problem with one of my feet and I found that an exercise or stationary bicycle is the best solution.

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I agree with others about cycling and swimming, but I have to put in a plug for the exercise that's made all the difference for me:

I love rowing!! There's virtually no stress on the joints, it's easy on the feet (I have plantar fasciitis, which can take months and months to heal), and it's great for burning calories/increasing fitness. I have a concept2 rower which I use with a cardio monitor. It's been a great investment (but of course you have to use it).

Good luck!!


Here is a link that might be useful: rowing machine

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