MAGNAVOX 27MS343S won't power up

carmakaziNovember 23, 2005

I have purchased a MAGNAVOX 27MS343S without a remote. Our son in law locked it up using the buttons on the front of the unit. He somehow locked it up with the child lock or something. Now we can't even get the set to turn on. He's locked up the parental control or something and we can't find a remote to work with the set and just basically can't use it at all. Need help. Guessing it has to be something easy but not easy for me :-). Did buy a All in remote and tried to program it and it still won't work. New dead tv, They want $15 just to talk to us at Magnavox and no guarantee they can even help. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

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The problem is NOT THE CHILD LOCK, if that were the case, it would still turn on, but would not show a picture on any channel.

I suspect the problem is located in the power supply, either in the 'stand-by power supply', or the 'main power supply'. If you hear a 'click', but no picture, the problem is in the 'main power supply', if no 'click', then the problem is in the 'stand-by power supply'.

I also suspect that you do not have the technical ability to trouble shoot, locate and repair the problem or you wouldn't be here looking for answers.

If this is a "new" set that you just purchased, take it back to where you purchased it. It will be in warranty.


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pw...Unfortunately you're incorrect; it isn't a power supply issue but one where the child lock HAS been activated, which in turn will keep the set in standby mode until unlocked from the remote. Next time do a little research prior to heckling someone looking for help...people like you give these forums a bad name because most of the time you have no clue to what youÂre saying.

Now to the individual that asked the initial question; there are two ways to get the set to respond. The first is; if you have cable you can program the remote that came with the cable box so the set will respond by turning on. This will not allow you to enter the menu area of the set to turn the child lock off. The second option is to just buy the remote from either a local TV retailer or buy directly from a site on the internet. The cost of the remote is about $50 but it will save you a ton of grief later on.
Good luck

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