Wireless thermometer mystery

jondoe888November 17, 2008

My bedside clock radio has a wireless outdoor thermometer. Occasionally, when the battery dies, the readout stops. No surprise there.

Last year I was pressure washing the windows, and a few days later the temperature stopped displaying. I opened the window and retrieved the remote sensor. The battery case was a little wet, but I didn't think anything of it. A few days later the temp display stopped again, and, deep thinker that I am, I finally remembered the pressure washing. I took the batteries out and let the unit dry out. It never recovered.

One night, months later, I noticed the exterior temp was displayed. The sender was long gone, but the display was picking up the outdoor temp... from somewhere.

My neighbor's house is probably 30' away from my radio, the next house maybe 50. I haven't noticed any obvious weather station gizmos sticking out of their house, and can't imagine a little sensor would have that much range anyhow.

Yet I am getting the interior AND exterior temps, tho the ext temp quits every now and then - but always comes back.

And it's a mystery to me. Anyone have any ideas??? The temp it displays seems to be accurate. Someday I'll have to ask the neighbor if he has anything that would transmit the temperature.

(this is also the type of radio that picks up the national time beacon)

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My outdoor sensor is about 60 feet from my display and it works great.

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LOL sounds like you do indeed have a neighbour's transmitter in range, sounds like a win-win and they pay for the batteries... ;)

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at our old shop we had one like that in teh manager's office. the outdoor unit was actually mounted 325' away inside our tower building. this was so he could tell easily if it was getting too hot in there. the AC unit refused to start on it's own after any power blip, thus the need for the sensor. it sure beat sloshing out there in mud and water to see if everythign was cooling fine.

so you could be picking up anybody's transmitter!

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