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laneybcMarch 23, 2008

My daughter is performing her graduation recital (bachelor of music, piano) and we are hosting an open house after. She is at school six hours away from home. The guests will be her friend primarily and some older relatives. Her recital is a 4:30 pm. on a Sunday with the open house to follow. For food I was thinking of soup, a green salad, ambrosia fruit salad and a sandwich bar where you could make your own sandwich (cold meat, cheese, pickles, a couple of prepared fillings, etc) plus squares and cookies. Would this be too casual, should I plan something else? I just need some input please.

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I assume the open house will happen at her home, six hours from where you live. But with the way of the world, you are happily hosting the party.

I don't think your menu sounds too casual. I would probably not do the soup. Everything else is pretty easy with paper plates, but soup would add a whole lot more dishes and much greater need of proper tables to consume the food. A sandwich and salad is pretty easy off a coffee table, whereas soup would be difficult. In it's place you might want to put in a pasta salad.

If I were to host this, I would probably also do a decorated cake. I don't much care for decorated cake, but it would be appropriate/expected in my circle.

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A lot depends upon how many people you expect.

If it is to be a large group, I agree with duckie's suggestions. I adore soup, but it can be a mess (and hard to keep either hot or chilled).

A cake is nice, too; duckie won't eat it if she's there, but I would! It's also easy and economical. Ask the bakery to decorate it with musical symbols, perhaps.

It's easy to find musical-themed paper goods, confetti, etc., if that is the mood you want. But if it is a small group, you don't have to use paper.

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Laney, Your menu sounds perfect. What you didn't mention was whether you were preparing the soup at her location or transporting it.

I'm guessing she is at school in Canada and its going to be cold coming in from the recital. When I was in Ontario I noticed that even Campbell's soups had packaged soups in boxes Squash bisque, tomato bisque. You could pour that stuff into a crockpot maybe add sherry and green onions before the concert and it would be ready to serve when the group comes in from the concert. I would serve it in cups.
the rest of it sounds great. I have noticed cake eaten less these days, and at a recent shower they didn't have one. They had brownies with Reese's pnut butter cups baked in. I do like Gellchom's idea about musical themed paper goods or cakes, but maybe cupcakes.

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I do like the idea of soup -- if it is a cool day! Yes -- take it up with you in those boxes or in thermos -- and then put it in a crock pot. Serve it in mugs.

Make sure that you have enough electrical outlets by taking along a couple of electric power "bars" or strips. Also handy if you have to plug in a kettle or coffee pot.

Yes -- most folks love the salad-and-a-sandwich option. Always handy to have a tray of veggies too. A fruit tray can work well too.

A cake decorated with musical symbols would be lovely -- or even a tray of cupcakes decorated with treble clefs would be nice too!

Love the idea of the musical decorations --- and if you have any older photos of your daughter playing or performing -- it might be nice to bring those along to decorate the table too.

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teacats, that is a GREAT idea to have photos of her playing as a little child. You don't have to have different ones for each table, either -- copies are fine. What a fantastic centerpiece idea, and it saves money, too! I would put the photos in inexpensive lucite frames and add a few little vases and flowers. Can anyone think of an inexpensive music-related item that could serve as a vase? Like, if she were a scientist, I'd use beakers or something -- but I'm coming up dry for piano.

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Laney, I think that would be a lovely menu for an open house given the logistics. You might even go with more than one soup .

Often there are vegetarians in this age group so a veggie broth based veggie soup and maybe a chowder could be good choices. Would also make it interesting my mixing up the brad choices, bagels, Kaisers, rye, etc....

PS: Assuming the graduation is in late April or May it's not cold in Canada unless the 6 hours is straight north to Alaska!

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