Spanish themed 80th birthday party

kriggMarch 1, 2007

We are having an 80th birthday bash for my dad. He's of Spanish heritage and we want to have a Spanish theme. Does anyone have any ideas with regard to decorations I am stumped on this one. I appreciate any help you can give me.

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You should post this on the Holiday forum/ Very creative gals over there who may be able to help.
Would you want to go with a Flamenco theme?

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why not set up a tapas bar, and keep the "theme" more as good food? (ast 80, you've seen and done most of it...)instead, why not go thru family photos and do a memory page?

i found this site...

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You could use the Mexican flag colors to decorate in. Use a Mexican serape (blanket) as a tablecloth. For fun-create a pinata for your birthday guy to hit but because of his age-cover the pinata in several layers of tissue paper-easier for him to break. Inside could be gift items for him! Denture cleansers, chap stick, life savers, crossword puzzle book, etc-stuff he'd enjoy.
Serve a pot of Mexican chili with a salad & pita bread halves...and a Mexican cake of some sort. Get a big sombrero & use as a centerpiece-lining it with plastic wrap & placing tortilla chips in it with salsa bowl to the side.
It would be cool if you could locate a supplier who carries Mexican jumping beans and use them as favors for the guests-maybe wrapped in bright tissue paper along with some candies of some sort.

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By spanish do you mean Spain or Mexico? That could make a big difference.

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Spanish theme, My dad will be turning 80 yrs old and he is from Puerto Rico, any ideas for decorations and entertainments. Thank you for your ideas.

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